Healing Gods

I have been wondering lately if anyone would being willing to share their experiences (and/or recommendations) with different pagan gods who have an aptitude for Healing physical conditions; like for anything, from a tooth cavity to cancer.

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Look into Celtic deity.


My first successful spirit contact was with a healing Goddess; Sekhmet
I was desperate to rid myself of these pains I kept having. It was stomach pains, cramps and it got worse after I had this argument with a “friend”. (Well, used-to-be-friendly person).
I did a Chaos ritual with a 12-point star and gems. I called Sekhmet to help me and to leave me a sign that she did.
The next night, I dreamed of a black lioness in a dark windy desert crowned by the Black Sun who touched her muzzle to me and healed my pains.
The following two weeks, I felt like I ruled the world. It was a great feeling. I didn’t feel submissive to pain or humans anymore. I had power.
So yeah, I highly recommend the Red Lady Sekhmet for help.


Look up President Marbas - 5th entity of the Goetia - I’ve written up a fair amount about his fantastic work with me.


Freya is an amazing healing goddess