Healing from Belial Azazel, Marbas, King Paimon and Others

Over the past few days, I have called on Marbas, Belial, Azazel, King Paimon, Raphael, and others for help in healing me from my Respiratory infection.

In the hospital, the doctor said it was not the flu or pneumonia. It fact, they didn’t know what it was at first. Then, they said it is a sinus infection due to my allergies. Really? If that is so, then how is it that almost everyone in the shelter that it stay at has the same symptoms? Everyone can’t have the same allergies? No explanation.

I no longer have the chills and muscle pains. I still have headaches, stuffed sinuses, and coughing. Thanks to the entities mentioned and the spirit ancestors. I feel much better and stronger.


That must have been one hell of an infection if you had to call THAT many spirits to help you.

Raphael, Marbas for health and disease (healing).
King Paimon for helping me convince the ER doctor to admit me into the hospital for overnight observation which led to a two-night stay.
Belial and Azazel for legal, protection and repelling curses thrown at me.


I love that approach. Stacking in the right way works well, yes?

I was in a shelter up in Albany once and a guy walks into the common area with one of those SARS masks on. Someone asks him why, and he tells us it might be TB. We scattered like roaches in a bright light. So about a week later I wound up in another area and for an unrelated reason I did have a TB test. No shit, I tested positive for contact, and the hospital takes that stuff very seriously. Fortunately it was just topical contact and not infection, but my point is that the guy in the shelter was indeed a carrier of a rare disease, so I hear you on this one.

Glad you are feeling better.