Healing fractured bones

Okay well I’m stubborn and hate the hospital as they make you wait up to ten to eleven hours or more to be seen to.

So long story short I fractured my hand the injury is referred to as a boxers or brawler fracture near the pinky finger and the side of the hand to be in pain and unable to move.

So I was wondering if any of you have any techniques to heal this injury.

Any help at all would be great thanks :metal:t2:


I’ll refer you to Raphael. Unfortunately I’m only a beginner healer but he’s reentered my life to teach my the healing arts. I highly recommend talking to Raphael.


Isis can help with this as well, she’ll usually come quickly if you’re in a lot of pain and you need her


Find a healing spirit or god. I found Sekhmet to be helpful in this endeavor; she can at the least rid of pain. Put ice on it as well to reduce swelling. If you don’t have in in a splint you should probably find something to keep your hand from moving. The bone might actually be put out of place and deform your hand if you aren’t careful.


There’s nothing wrong with using modern medicine to treat your illnesses. There’s a reason why the average age of death in first world countries is 80-85. While spontaneous remissions of diseases and sudden restructuring of broken bones does happen and I have both seen and heard of stories of such things happening. Modern medicine is the reason why we live so long. So, I would go to the hospital, even if it is just for them to immobilize your hand.

Funny story: So, I was working in child care and as a result am pretty prone to pink eye. It’s basically a workplace hazard. And so, at the time I was also attending a Charismatic church which is very spiritually alive. So, anyways, I get pink eye, and I go to the Church that Sunday and after Church my pink eye went away, that’s good. But then, I forgot to wash my pillow, so I got it again. So, the next Sunday when I went back to Church again I got healed from my pink eye again, and then I made sure that I washed my pillow afterwards so that I wouldn’t recontaminate myself.


I would look at the book of azazel , there is an entity which heals you through vibrations.

Radionics software with that sigil can help.You can add Jason millers mars and Saturn seal there

Sometimes despite the physical pain we are placed in an immobile situation for a reason.You may emerge with an entirely new talent even if it means you begin with scrying on the roof and walls on your resting room.

On mars in the hour of Saturn and on Saturday in the hour of mars , take the Saturn and Mars seal of Jason Miller with a red and black candle.Make an amulet on a paper of both or print it out.You will recover very quickly.

Avoid void of course moon during this working x

Let me know if I can help further x


i sent you a pm

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This is quite powerful I’m only directing the energy I have inside me that little residue of Azazel and directing it to a certain place I want to heal and repeating the incantation next to a candle and the pain has gone already now just time to completely heal

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awesome. im glad its working for you. i had to abandon my thread for it because there were so many requests it overwhelmed me.

i wasnt sure. so thats good to know.


Let me know about it too :wink:

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Hello @eye_of_Ra.
Have been struggling with pain because of osteoporosis for 4 months now… Meds don’t seem to work… Need ur help