Healing for My Niece

Hey All,

My 15 year old niece has been diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkins lymphoma. She recently had her bone marrow tested and it is thus far free from the cancer, which is good news because it means it may be treatable. She begins chemotherapy tomorrow at Children’s Hospital.

I welcome anyone who would like to contribute their power to helping to kick this cancer’s ass, to do so. It will do far more good than the “thoughts and prayers” everyone else posts on Facebook. I have received permission from my sister (the mom) to send energies and healing entities to help.

I’m not sure of my own plan of attack yet, so I am open to options. @Kassapu has mentioned Archangel Raphael is interested in helping and I’ve heard good things about President Marbas as well for things like this.

Thank you to everyone who wants to help out. It is greatly appreciated!


Definetly, I’ll get on it and I’ll pass it on to my group. What’s her first name?


Her name is Alaya.


La Santa Muerte, Ganesha, Zhang Guolao, He Xiangu, Sektmet, Heka, Apollo, Ebisu, Shiva, Angak, Eir, Zywie, and Aja.

I’ve worked with the healing are for a long time, all the spirits here will help, ill also help heal her with my energy


I guess all of us here, we’ll do our best. I humbly suggest Enochian Keys especially the third one. I may send exact pronunciation to you and/or I may chant for her name too.

As for Psionics, Solomons 2nd Pentacle of Mars would also be useful, she may carry it as talisman or you may project it towards her photo with a constant light behind; that will channel a huge additional healing power also.

With all my blessings.


Peace and healing goes towards your niece great one ,marbas,is good with this lime of work and Raphael


Ganesha is called remover of obstacles so if you think this helps burn some incense for him and give her a statue of him you can buy them for 20 and under at mystic stores…should be noted he is shown as a child God so if it is a child in danger such as your niece he is a good fit for your problem… also note cancer is a sad part of life and the Buddhist believe if a child dies young they were meant for a short life because it was all they needed…do not fret over death…



If you can sing her the mantra of Ganesha or have her listen to it while she sleeps also give her real advice like not to fear death as it is a natural process which we all endure and that cancer happened but it was not her fault for causing it children who get sick blame themselves for the illness like they were not good kids to their parents or friends just remain in a calm state and if you do think there are spirits they can take her off into whatever realm is best suited for her and you can always use divination and ouija boards to make contact if she does die…



Here is that mantra for ganesha it is for all problems he is the remover of all obstacles…


Archangel Raphael is good for healing. He’s also one of the few beings that will help basically anyone without any real strings attached.


Dear @DarkestKnight, i would love to dedicate a NAP ritual to her and i will work with Lucifer.

A NAP ritual will take a few days. Starting tonight


Very good to hear that threatment is a possibility :slight_smile:


I’ll do what I can


I’ll talk with Asclepius today and ask for his assistance for your niece. All will go well, think positive!


i will work on your behalf

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Sending the best energy for her.


Did reading on the following Angels during the day.

23.44 (Amsterdam Time Zone)
Healing ritual - Alaya - stage 3 Hodgkins lymphoma

ZOROEL- A Solomonic Shem Angel/Genie
SABRIEL - Leader (Maybe Arch Angel) Health

Noticed in the ritual: They where there. And because of what @DarkestKnight said and the destructiveness of this disease I felt power in this ritual.

Take care Alaya and my friend Darkestnight


After the ritual I did a prayer to Lucifer and asked him for blessing Alaya and told him about her disease. I will evoke him this weekend and work on it further.

Take care


Thank you all for your efforts on my niece’s behalf. I am very appreciative.

I did a remote view of her last night and saw a golden light around her, so I thank whoever sent that. She seems in good spirits (no pun intended) after her first round of chemo, but it occurred to me to evoke Letana, the Encouraging Angel from Kingdoms of Flame, for her because I know the effect of chemo can make her feel depressed and nauseous. I “saw” a vision of Letana standing by her side holding her hand so I will be doing that shortly.

Thank you again for everything you all are doing.


Sending healing energy now, And a healing ritual for Her this weekend with Raphael, a bitter melón Also kill Cancer cells they are in cápsules also, like Aristóteles said your food is going to be your medicine And always when i can i guide my self with this rule also.

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