[HEALING] Extremely easy and powerful Elven Magick

Short but endlessly sweet - suggestion on youtube:


connecting you with the higher aspects of your God-Mind

it can be EXTREMELY efficient, fast, powerful and it comes in tons of flavours and tastes…
whatever comes up, try "light language + … (abundance, money, healing, higher self, …)


Have you tried it?

What are your experiences?

yes :slight_smile:

Actually the clearing actually empowered my ability to manifest even better on the left hand… ;
Generally being uplifted, specifically when it comes to elven magick, I noticed it empowers the positive polarity of the sacral chakra…; but generally I experience very rapid, very direct, very powerful shifts in consciousness that just keep going on and on, my relation to reality being directly affected - I was laying down at night, since it’s a most personal chill-pose to be most receptive…; I haven’t tried it in a magickal circle yet though;
I turn off mental analysis and being a silent observer, I just allow myself to notice what it feels like energetically (getting my mind in pure-experience mode) can allow you to take it all in…;
Walking around, afterwards to see how it changed me, is what I did as well, making me notice the difference… ;

I believe that having a walk outside at night in a calm place - or in nature might yield very direct results as well…; since the night brings more silent, telepathically on this plane, enabling one to be more receptive, but so does nature, since gaia is a feminine spirit - day and night… :slight_smile: with headphones, or with an excellent sound might be most powerful… :slight_smile: I’m going to try that…;


I believe the video you are referring to is by my friend, Kimberel Eventide from YouTube channel “High Elven Wisdom and Love”. Elven magic is very strong if you are open to it’s vibrations. After walking the Elven Path for about a year, I left because it felt my shadow side was being suppressed. I embrace my duality.


Some things she says in her videos make me a little bit uncomfortable to be honest.

You don’t need to have an elven soul to be able to connect with the earth naturally. Simple humans are very much capable of that.

And on the other hand, she says people like her naturally know how to tell the difference between different types of plants and don’t need to study it as much as others. Even if I had that ability, this is something I would never tell anyone, because it is too careless. People will think they know a lot and oops, it was the wrong herb - dead.
I sincerely hope she can naturally tell the difference between poison hemlock and angelika sylvestris without studying.


Agreed. She tends to speak with her heart and not her head - another reason I peaced out. But I’m not here to talk down about anyone. She is a genuine loving and pure soul who I will always absolutely adore.


Criticising someone’s content they voluntarily put on an open platform is not the same as talking someone down. :wink:


“Elven magick” :zipper_mouth_face::grimacing: