[HEALING] Extremely easy and powerful Elven Magick

Short but endlessly sweet - suggestion on youtube:


connecting you with the higher aspects of your God-Mind

it can be EXTREMELY efficient, fast, powerful and it comes in tons of flavours and tastes…
whatever comes up, try "light language + … (abundance, money, healing, higher self, …)


Have you tried it?

What are your experiences?

yes :slight_smile:

Actually the clearing actually empowered my ability to manifest even better on the left hand… ;
Generally being uplifted, specifically when it comes to elven magick, I noticed it empowers the positive polarity of the sacral chakra…; but generally I experience very rapid, very direct, very powerful shifts in consciousness that just keep going on and on, my relation to reality being directly affected - I was laying down at night, since it’s a most personal chill-pose to be most receptive…; I haven’t tried it in a magickal circle yet though;
I turn off mental analysis and being a silent observer, I just allow myself to notice what it feels like energetically (getting my mind in pure-experience mode) can allow you to take it all in…;
Walking around, afterwards to see how it changed me, is what I did as well, making me notice the difference… ;

I believe that having a walk outside at night in a calm place - or in nature might yield very direct results as well…; since the night brings more silent, telepathically on this plane, enabling one to be more receptive, but so does nature, since gaia is a feminine spirit - day and night… :slight_smile: with headphones, or with an excellent sound might be most powerful… :slight_smile: I’m going to try that…;

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