Healing Emotional Pain

Is there any way to heal intense emotional pain. I suffer from a lot of stuff that hurts like crazy. Was wondering if there was a spirit that specializes in Healing Emotional scars.

Someone recommended Ronove. I will work with him tonight. But I am looking for any tips?

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Here is a Powerful Rama Healing Mantra that requires 108 repetitions
for 40 days. This should do the trick if you stay with it:

Om Apa-damapa Hataram Dataram Sarva Sapada, Loka Bhi Ramam Sri
Ramam Bjuyo Bhuyo Namam-yaham

(Phonetic -pronounciation)
“Om Ap-Pah-Mah-Pah Hah-Tah-Rahm Dah- Tah-Rahm Sahr-Pah-Dahm Loh-Kah
Nee Rahm-Ahm Shree Rahm-Mahm Boo-Yoh Boo-Yoh Nah-Mahm-Yah-Hahm”

“om. O most compassionate Rama. Please send your healing energy right here to the Earth to the Earth (twice for emphasis) Saluatations.”

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Not exactly what you’re asking, but green calcite does wonders for that kind of thing: get a piece (it doesn’t have to be huge), cleanse it - don’t use water, it will damage the crystal - and wear it for a few days in a pouch round your neck. The closer you can keep it to your heart the better.

Any comforting spirit will do the trick. Raphael could work.
I see zero reason why Ronove would work. Not exactly in his description of office. I think you’ll have s better chance of him helping of you were a close devotee. He would want to do it naturally. But if it’s not his forte and you’re some stranger, not likely.

i’ve tried opfaal from kingdoms of flame…just wow.

and if you want you should try the book from eckhart tolle THE POWER OF NOW…but don’t take my words for it.try it your self.

emotional pain is just memories from the past and thoughts of the future.we suffer because we’re not here(in the now).the ego wants to move back and forth because it can’t exist in the now.
i suffered also from many psychological traumas and i know very well how you feel…

i suggest strongly the book…give it a try.

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I worked with an angel at one time in my life when I felt overwhelmed and in intense emotional pain.

Sharsoriel, The Breaker of Sadness

The angel assumes a feminine energy like a mother comforting a child, or at rare times a lover. She assumes the form of a white gowned woman with long black hair and wings. She will not eliminate suffering but reduces it’s intensity by half. This is because the pain we feel has lessons to teach us that we could not otherwise learn. From my experience this angel allows you to become much stronger and knowledgeable, able to deal with extreme tragedy and still function in life. She increases your emotional threshold, allowing you to experience intensities of feeling that in the past might have seemed unbearable, by teaching you to embrace and master those intense emotional aspects of yourself that before you were not able to.

When you learn what you need to learn, she will return one final time to be with you and from that point on she will not come again. After working with her you will be much stronger and more emotionally stable. Once you understand what she has to teach you, emotional pain becomes source of guidance and information rather than an experience that weakens or debilitates you.

The way I used her was to enter an altered state similar to one you might use in soul travel or scrying. She then appears and the pain diminishes. When I worked with her she rarely said anything, preferring to work by inducing a sense of closeness and caring that was stronger than anything else I have ever known. When she is with you, you know she completely understands you, and in fact she is feeling exactly what you feel. She knows your pain as her own.

She was not from any known grimoire or text, but appeared in response to my specific request for help in dealing with intense emotional pain.

I did not use any sigil for her, but if you do construct it using the traditional golden dawn rose of 22 petals method.


Im currently working with Asmoday. Its not a healing working, but he’s showing me how my hatred and avarice are made out of the fact Im not using my full potential, and how that makes me frustrated about everything in my life.

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[quote=“NariusV, post:6, topic:3624”]I worked with an angel at one time in my life when I felt overwhelmed and in intense emotional pain.

Sharsoriel, The Breaker of Sadness[/quote]

That’s so beautiful, thanks for sharing!

I have/am using Pontimas, Spirit of Absolution from Kingdoms of Flame,

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are you using circle,triangle and the seal when you’re working with kingdoms of flame entities or just the sigils?

Just the sigil.

if i read this correcly could this work to heal others pain right ?