Healing diseases journal

Here i will write every ritual or practice in order for my diseases to be healed , suffer from a chronic allergy among other things ,
Today I performed the ritual from The magick of angels and demons by Henry archer , calling forth the following angels and demons ,

This will be more of a case study , i will work with several entities , rituals books and such , hope to give some insight to others as well :slight_smile: i can’t hear spirits or see them so I’m not too far from a beginner . XD
#note in the :candle: i set fire for the ritual a fly or moskito went it and died lol :laughing: now sitting on top of the candle

I know some energy work , i will do that daily for 30 mins .


We’re doing the same. And while I really love that grimoire, I’m working with Apollo for this.

I’ll be following your journal :slight_smile:


Same here :hugs: wish you the best result’s

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So i did a new ritual from same book , With angels aladiah , Amiel , Lagiel , Dodeliel and Demon Buer . , for same affiction , today i did some banishings as well , hoping to ease the affliction , + i did one for Queen Morrigan to help me with same dissease , i am feeling a bit better now i felt it has decreased by 20 percent so far .