Healing code

What’s your opinion about Alexander Loyd’s method Healing code ? Is ir working ? Have you evere experienced it ? What’s your opinion of all of you who are working with left hand path ?

Haven’t read it, but I understand the concept. Based on my understanding, I think it definitely has merits. But there are other ways to accomplish profound healing. Many of them begin with You the practitioner and rely on you in some way or another.

This could be, as Alexander Loyd suggests, movement of the body. It could also be shadow work. It could be meditation and seeking the goal of healing. Or chanting mantras, chanting in general. I think he gives a means to an end, but believe that the reader or person acting on his code must truly be invested in order to heal.

True healing on great scales cannot be effortless in today’s world. While you’re finger might automatically heal a papercut, human bodies have been doing this since the beginning of our time without the mind’s conscious intervention. To “force” or trigger healing consciously is dependent on learning to heal subconsciously at a minimum and this is the challenge I believe for many, reaching the subconscious with instructions to heal something.