Healing and terminal diseases

Right so I searched for a while and I haven’t found anything directly related to what I need so bam! This was born. (I could be mistaken so sorry if I am)

Ok so one of my best friend’s grandfathers was diagnosed with dementia recently which (imo) is a terminal/fatal disease as it can’t be cured. He’s deteriorating fairly quickly and I get the sense that he cannot get through this on his own.

I know there are multiple healing spirits out there but so far, I haven’t really seen anything about fatal diseases- mostly just injuries or blocks (I could be wrong)

So my question is can these spirits reverse the clock on something like dementia and/or heal it completely or can they just heal it in small bursts which would fix the problem for a while but is there really ultimately no hope for this man?

Yes. There is a post from a member about how Raphael completely healed a pre - cancerous growth on their grandfather’s esophagus.

There is also a post about Rapahel reversing dementia as well, if I’m remembering correctly.

I would talk to him about it.


Ok, I’ll ask him about it. Thanks!

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@DarkestKnight Hey- sorry to bother but would a petition spell or a full evocation be better for this scenario?

I would say a full evocation.


alright, thanks!

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