Healing and other people

Hello everybody,

I have a question about a situation that seems to be happening. Basically I have been doing healing exercises and rituals for a while now due to complicated ptsd and more problems.

A lot of it has been uncovering repressed emotions and trying my best to come to terms with it by talking or writing or some other beneficial way. It has helped a lot.

I am trying to work through experiences I had with a father figure type I had. I’ll call him R. I also have had trauma with my own father before R but I am trying to forgive my dad because he has become a better person over the years. My father was never a predator.

Now I am facing stuff about R and it is bringing up a lot of stuff. I am noticing a link that seems to be affecting my biological dad. His health is being affected. It has happened about 3 times where I was experiencing extreme emotional pain and my dad is getting sick. I don’t want my dad to get hurt, so is there some way to protect him? The only common thing is the two people are father figures, but R is a real predator.

Yes, you could (and I would recommend that) to severe personal (energetical) links first and then work a healing on your side. Also check your intention, as it looks more than baneful work. Also use divination. As long as you are healing yourself it is ok, and do not take responsibility over others inclined in a process.

Good idea, thanks I’ll focus on energetic cords. None of the stuff I’m doing is baneful but I do notice negative emotions has caused baneful effects without meaning to.

I wasn’t suggesting you do baneful work but to check your intention as you noticed unwanted effects similar to baneful work :slight_smile:

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