Headless dog spirit

Is anyone familiar with a spirit that tends to take the form of a spectral dog, with it’s head attached by a flap of flesh?

Wow, that sounds way crazier than it did in my head, but it’s relative to an experience I had many years ago, which kinda just popped back into memory.

I was giving a friend a ride home, and on the way, a dog, roughly coyote size, with the aforementioned decapitation, ran at full speed, with purpose, across the road. We both confirmed to each other what we had seen, and continued on our way, not long after I got into some legal trouble. Long since resolved, just curious.

Inugami are traditionally created by burying a dog up to its neck in the ground and keeping food just outside its reach. Then when its mad with hunger the sorcerer would saw of its head while
it was still alive. The head would then be enshrined and rites would be performed and offerings would be given to control the newly created inugami. The way I hear it this rarely ends well for the sorcerer. Still the spirit you described fits inugami quite well.

Interesting, wonder what the hell it was doing in Texas?

Cruel idiots practicing stuff way over their heads isn’t limited to Japan. Limited knowledge of the ritual is not difficult to find so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone thought it would be a great idea to recreate it with limited knowledge and skill. Would explain why the head wasn’t all the way off too.

Yeah, the whole damn town just feels like a cesspit. That’s ok, before leaving I opened a few “doors” and tore them from the “hinges” Let’s just say sensitive people in the area, are likely to move within the next 10 years. Lots of hate in that town.