Headaches after doing workings...? [Magickal fatigue]

I have been experiencing headaches after doing a ritual. Is this normal? I just started with angel and demons magick

It’s most likely a thing called “magickal fatigue”, where you are running more energy than your system is used to and you can get a variety of symptoms including headaches, feeling tired etc.

East high nutrition food and sleep well and you should be fine, and it goes away as you practice more. You can get sick on top as you are stressed, so do take good care of yourself. Also stay well hydrated, and if you took alcohol or pot as part of the working it’s probably that.

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Guess you are right. I will take a break for a while and recuperate. Thank you

Also I would call on anything to try to heal you etc.

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What do you recommend I call to?

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I can’t really recommend anything I don’t know if you like angels or demons or gods. It’s all up to you.

I will check it out. Thank you.

I feel okay now. Yes it was magickal fatigue

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