Headache which turned into something else

After studying last night for my final exam this morning (in college), I had an abnoying headache and was having trouble falling asleep. (Interestingly enough if I looked straight up at the seeling I could see an eye staring down at me, not a completely uncommon thing, it is a symbol i use quite often to connect with the beings I summon). I finally decided to take some pain relief medication, and drink it down with a water and juice mixture. Since in the past when I summoned a specific demon to work with, I had passed out right afterward, I decided to do that again. I called forth for their essence to be infused with the drink, so that our ninds could connect and that they help me sleep at the moment and also for them to help carry out my will in general. After drinking and laying back down, I started doing a mental exceesize of imagining my headache into a tight black ball, i could feel it starting to fade a bit, i then mentally threw it far away.

This is the point where things got interesting. Right after throwing it away, i suddenly felt like something was intesely pushing outward located where my third eye Chakra would be. I felt a very intense sucking pressure, and then it felt like i had an extreme beam of energy being shot through that area in a straight line. I continued to feel that very intense pressure on where my third eye would be for the next 5 to 10 minutes until the demon finally made me pass out/fall asleep again like it has done so in the past.

So what are your thoughts on my experience. A good sign? A bad one? No big deal or something important happened?

My thoughts - read this newsletter, then this one, then this. :slight_smile: