Head sensation (physical or energetic cause?)

For awhile now, I’ve had the feeling of cool liquid running down the back of my head - like from the top down. Almost as if there was a pool of water that was running down the back/side of my head. I have no idea what this is. Wondering if it’s something I should get (medically) checked out or if it’s related to kundalini/energy stuff. Obviously it doesn’t happen all the time, just something that I’ll feel every now and then. But it’s got me curious.

I also heard about the “hat” or fingers caressing your head sensation, (in relation to spirit relationships/succubi) but it doesn’t feel like that, and even though I am in a relationship – I’m not sure it’s related. Just wanted input, thanks.

It could just be energy moving? There are several meridians running from the crown down the back.
If your crown energy point is ‘open’ energy can flow from the cosmos (heavenly qi) down that way.
I’d recommend making sure your kidney 1 (soles of feet) and perineum points are open as well.

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I did think about it being related to the Crown points/chakra/etc. Just didn’t know if energy should feel like that.


Well mrt would be a good thing just in case

But some people become the DoMar and DeHak near the Crown chakra and not on the shoulders :man_shrugging: you should do some energy work and see if that’s your case.


Mrt? DoMar, Dehak?

Yeah, you should see a doctor. Just to be sure.