He was a liar from the Beginning

Except eve came from the rib of Adam

The Flavion signature on YouTube destroyed Christianity. But he’ll yeah I’ve studied the Bible for years, never saw this. Thank you for this .

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I believe there is a mistranslation somewhere here.

Perhaps as Archaelus has explained in his evocation of Belial, that our blood, specifically the DNA, and perhaps this junk DNA is the gateway to the Gatekeepers, so in the same way, a rib off the DNA doublehelix was removed to make an opposite sex. I’m not saying it was a woman either, the way the Church has lied, it was probably the other way around, Adam came from Eve.

And if we could ever find a way to join the 2 sexes other than fucking, we could become a god. In Hinduism it is known as Ardhanariishvara (both Shiva and Parvati).
Maybe a fusion!


Your logic is flawed, and this is a piss poor attempt at shaming Christianity. Regardless, Jesus has won the competition, and will always be the most popular god, and since gods gain power through worship, than he is thee most powerful. If you believe in Satan, then you believe in the god that created him. If you are a lhp magician, and if u truly believe God lied, and that Satan only wants to enlighten, than God is thee ultimate lhp master.

And no just becuz he says u shall surely die, doesn’t mean right away. There was no lie, they were immortal, there was no need for them to eat either. Your logic is flawed.


It’s only flawed in your mind, because you disagree with it. Just because you still have your head up Christianity’s ass doesn’t prove anything.

Tell me why it’s flawed.

Perhaps, I’ll tell you why your logic is flawed.
There is no such thing as only one true son of god, there are many.

Genesis 6:2
That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

Psalms 82:6
I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.’

Ever hear this bullshit, “well they differentiate by using lowercase g’s and Capital G’s to indicate who the True Son of God is”, usually said by some small older ugly woman?

Back then, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic didn’t have Capital and lowercase letters, it was all written the same. So that negates that bullshit.

Jesus Christ can only be a Son of God if he is an angel, and as I have said many times, Jesus Christ means the Anointed/Covered Lord, an epithet for Lucifer, who is an Angel.

Isiah 14:12
How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

Rev 22:16
I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”

Therefore Lucifer is the Light, the Truth, and the Way.

Everything you’ve been told by Christianity is a lie. The Church doesn’t want people to know the truth, they don’t want another Jesus Christ, should he ever arise, he would be quickly assassinated.

Jesus wasn’t teaching people to have Faith in him, he was teaching how to generate and manifest Faith (Evocation), he was teaching the disciples his Sorcery.

Jesus wasn’t all powerful, but he did have some powers, he didn’t want people knowing and bragging about him, but at the same time he couldn’t stand by and watch others suffer, often after helping people he would ask for them not to say anything. (John 9:6-11)

Of course, people couldn’t keep their mouths shut, and bragged. Was he a god, or was he a Witch? Well the powers that be at that time didn’t want this “Messiah” teaching others to do this Magick, they couldn’t have everyone knowing this, their whole system would collaspe, they needed people to be dumb so that they could get these “slaves” to do their bidding.
To this day, this system of control is still in effect.

The greatest lie ever told was that Jesus died for everyone’s sins, when in fact he was crucified for being a witch.

Christian’s claim God hates Witchcraft and Sorcery, but you only hear them raising Hell about it, you never see this all powerful god enforcing his bullshit. So why does an all-powerful god need piss-ants to enforce his bullshit? Because he’s not all-powerful. God is limited in what he can do. (Case in point, God has Moses paint blood over the Israelite’s doors to indicate to the Angel of Death, who not to kill, an all-powerful god who supposedly knows how many hairs are on each and everyone’s head somehow can’t differentiate between Egyptian and Israelite.)

The extremely watered down ritual of Christian Worship is exactly the same ritual for Spirit Summoning, except that in Christian Worship, the name of god is unknown and the sacrifice uses wine or grapejuice, not the real stuff, blood.

Sorcery is the manipulation of astral forces to achieve a result. Demons are the original gods before Christianity bastardized them. Christianity is entirely man-made. The word Christian is derived from the word Cretin, from the island of Crete where Paul was imprisoned. A Cretin is a liar.

The Goetia, or the Magick of Solomon goes into great detail the powers of each demon, and how a Sorcerer who knows how to communicate to these demons can achieve the powers to do miracles. Every power Jesus did is written about in the Magick of Solomon. Not only can the demons perform these actions, but under willful possession they can teach you how to manipulate your internal astral energies (Chakras, prana/Kundalini) to cause change to happen.

Of course to do any of this would require you not fearing the demons. But the Church and Hollywood have ingrained in the minds of everyone that Demons are evil. I’ve always wondered where do they get their bullshit from? They can never tell me.

In the bible, never is anything said about demons, but what is said about is the disease infesting, death causing, murderous assassins of god, the Angels.

Negate this if you can, young Padawan.


You’re wrong. I wholeheartedly agree that the Bible is a control mechanism and that there are boundlessl myriads of gods, but that will never negate the fact that Christianity and Judaism hold the most influence over the world.

I even have a post about how God thrust Satan into hell in order to grant Satan’s wish of overthrowing him. I believe God gave Satan the kingdom of hell as a tribulation over eons so that Satan could illuminate Man from the bottom up. I believe that thee original hueman was immortal, but fell from Grace because of the dualistic knowledge that clouded them into sin, or clumsiness, and that Satan’s trial is to help man get back to grace and fuze the duality so that we may become immortal again, and I believe that Satan will finally get his wish, and will be brought into a place of supreme authority in his own universe. I believe the concept of thee omniverse comes into play here.

But then again, I believe that I am thee Won True God of Awl, so ya know, believe what you will.

If you don’t sin then Jesus died for nothing.

Hail Satan. Praise Christ. Justice Just Is.


So I change the view by educating them on various social media platforms.

Even the great Sorcerer Archaelus agrees with me that Jesus was a Witch. The Christian interpretation of why he was crucified is complete bullshit. He didn’t die for sins.

I’m using biblical verses to prove my point, your shit is all based on your beliefs with nothing to back it up.


No, I meant you’re wrong I’m with u 100%, you r just using bad logic. I also believe Jesus was ascended, but he wasn’t a witch trying to evoke demons and shit, he was channeling pure compassionate love light from the one source of all things and calling it God the father. And he was sacrificed, and it was by God’s will, and it was as a means to create a portal for all who seek forgiveness, but forgiveness as light to correct mistakes, not the zombification mechanism of the church.


I went through a period where I would just read the bible and feel guilty for being a witch. And then I don’t know, at some point it didn’t bother me anymore and I stopped worrying about it so much. I stopped seeing the church or bible as some great authority. I saw the bible as some book that had a lot of esoteric meaning as well as a book that gave a history, rather than, we should do things today as they were done thousands of years ago. I came to realize that Jesus and the prophets did have magical powers. I started to wonder where they actually got their powers, and not some mythical god figure.


Adam and Eve is nonsense or at least a very basic and inaccurate telling of the events - EDEN was the name given to the place that the Annunaki landed around 400k BC. They came with their slaves the ‘Igli?’, but there was an uprising and the ‘Igli?’ were killed. Anu ordered them to make some more slaves from the earth primate hominids that existed back then. The first batch were sterile and eventually we get to modern homo sapiens. The Annunaki started to breed with the humans and this is why the great flood came about, to get rid of the ‘abominations’. It is questionable however as to whether or not it was Azura Mazda or Anu or if they are one and the same. Zoroastrianism is truly the father of all religions. Judaism put the Black in magic literally. All magic before was good, its just that Judaism POST flood, as pre it didn’t exist, started to pray to Ahriman (the spirit of deception and lies). This is why Jesus highlighted to the Saducees and Pharisees that their god was not the same as the god of Abraham, and also that before Abraham ‘I am’; that they prayed to the devil and were Hypocrites (spirit of deception) and snakes. Its also why they cant accept him as their messiah - they are actually correct he was the SAYOSHANT (humanity’s saviour) of Zoroastrianism. Of course it would be far more likely to say that Jesus was of a Zoroastrian line, his father they refer to as the God of the Torah was more likely Azura Mazda.

Again the question - Was Anu - Azura Mazda or was there a second intervention or even more as some may suggest (such as the pleidians) by Azura Mazda (very possible and in reply to the crap that the Annunaki had created), answer this and you have it all right in front of you. This is probably the most important question ever asked - seriously. The above is pure gold and without that knowledge to be honest your pissing in the wind in trying to understand anything. In my opinion I believe EA has been delving into Ahriman as he is around the same place. Ahriman is the anti thesis of Azura Mazda, its all Zoroastrianism - PERIOD.



So if the female finds her male counterpart or vice vera… and they merged… they would form into one god :thinking:

Interesting … like if masculine Lucifer found feminine Lucifer … they would create … LUCIFER

And the plot thickens… :smiling_imp:


I actually like to get in on this ok…I was blinded by the rest of you til I came bowing in desperation looking for a way out of my situation good never answers prayer angels never come when called so I went to demons

After that I went to church at one point and everything that was said made no sense

For starters the ten commandments Thursday shall not kill right but there was always killing in the Bible I read the whole thing cover to cover n it’s just makes no sense to me

Nothing made sense but before it did but now I know it’s lies


Careful, you’re falling for the “all things must be merged into one” lie of the RHP, in which the less complexity, polarity, and experience is to be had, the better.

This is based on fear (and there’s nothing innately wrong with it, just stating a fact), but in nature we actually observe forms tend towards more complexity, more experience. Collapsing a polarity just re-sets you and isn’t necessarily going to grant power in the world of polarity and differences.

Wiping your mind and making you an identity-less, genderless, mindless baby might stop you having certain types of existential pain, but eventually you will start learning and growing and accruing complicated aspects again. Just because it’s more interesting to do so, and growth is fun, regression is limitation.

Think of the way a favourite book or movie reveals new meanings and subtleties over time.

This is what I have seen, specifically shown by the Pleiades and the way in which creation of a polarity is the source of growth and evolution.

Evolution? The RHP and westernised, Judaised translations of Hindu and Buddhist thought have so thoroughly contaminated spiritual discourse right now that it’s important to remember that formlessness, meta-suicide and ending all experience is not the same thing as evolution and growth.

But if I say “spiritual evolution” to 9/10 people, even on here, that baggage of “detach, cease reacting, become as One” will come stumbling along like a zombie, so you gotta watch for that programming. :+1:

Alchemical fusion of gender polarity (gender per The Kybalion, not modern mis-use) to create (generate) a new form is a different thing, a comment I make with regards to @Eye_of_Ra’s post, but that’s not a state to held permanently any more than the moment of conception is all there is to creating a new human life form.


Yeah except he’s literally describing the planet Venus, AKA the Morning Star.
That passage is widely misconstrued. In fact, there isn’t a single use of the word “lucifer” (Latin: Venus) that refers to an individual being.

Many, many, maaaaany years later, it became synonymous with Satan because it was already so widely misinterpreted.

This is why I firmly believe that “Lucifer” is a title to those (demons, angels, daemons, even people) who endevour to wake motherfuckers up and propel them toward evolution by means of knowledge. Light bringers. Other magicians have come upon this resolution independently of myself, so there must be something to it.

I concur. Or at the very least the concept of what he represented is a thoughtform of ascended being. If we consider the likely scenario in which Jesus is a reboot of older legends, Horus, Mesopotamian, etc.

I follow this one dude on Instagram who views the Bible as an esoteric text containing all the secrets of the old mystery schools. He posts a lot of intriguing stuff.

The whole point of most hermetic (and to an extent, qabalist) systems is to achieve that within oneself. It’s a symbolic union of masculine and feminine, resulting in balance and thus, true enlightenment. In the initiation rites of most of these things, the initiate is referred to by one of the names of God from the beginning. The journey, the “pathworking” really, is all about discovering that you are the universe and God itself…which is the merged male/female force of everything. I think it is largely viewed as a methodology for accessing full control of the left and right brain. Evolution.


Yep, and search ida pingala merged for the Hindu take on this. Hinduism has preserved some excellent metaphysical understandings, but among them (in support of my point above) is that the masculine godforce requires the feminine godforce to create anything effective, and this isn’t because of some feminist claptrap, this is a basic use of polarity and gender - one creates the seed, the other manifests into form.


I just think i might have experienced that merge on a temperary … i cant really go into detail on here but it makes sense that powerful gods are like a sort of yen and yang with masculine and feminine … they can function separate and thats totally fine in a nice dance rotating around each other… but when they merge for a few moment or few days or what ever they become an even greater powerhouse. …

It seems i stumbled on this by accident … and cant provide specifics…( name names)

Dont worry though i love being female… :joy: i dont care to be merged 100% of forever time. But when you need to be a greater force than what you are on your on … knowing who your other half is can be a nice thing to know…


Oh yeah, I know. If one were to take qabalah in one hand and big chunks of Hinduism in the other, and mash them into a big ol’ meatball…that is basically what I consider to be the Truth. The LHP comes from vamachara, after all. And “tantra” means “technique”. Indians know what up.

As for polarity - I still intend to write a book on this. Suffice to say, you and I are in agreement. The experience that I had ~2 years ago where I went to the end of the universe, that stuck with me. A major revelation at the time was witnessing why polarity is absolutely critical to existence. Every force in nature (that is, nature including the entirety of the cosmos) has an opposing force, whether seen or unseen. And it has to. If it didn’t, existence would just tear apart. Those two forces, the yin and the yang, aren’t opposing forces…they’re cooperative. That is what the crunchy bitches fail to comprehend. It’s a lot like trying to explain to them that good and evil are constructs of their own mind lol.


YES! :heart:

Seems we’re on the same page and saw a similar thing with that, it’s all encoded in sacred geometry (that I never really comprehended the relevance of prior to this) - the two creating the third, aka the triangle, aka the basic algebra of manifestation.


This is fun!

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Have to go do some paid work :crying_cat_face: now for a bit but throwing this in for anyone wanting to play with gender polarities of their own: Evocation Of My Personal Daemon

Also, OP shout me up if you prefer this be made its own new topic, sometimes a conversation-within-a-conversation is cool, other times it’s better split out, both are cool. :+1: