He loves to romance them!

I’ve been seeing this guy who’s also attracted to females, they’re all around him all over him and he gives in to it. Is there any way I can keep the ladies off my man? He is not my boyfriend.

Are you in a “Friends With Benefits” situation?

You said he’s not your boyfriend, so if that’s the case, then he isn’t really “your man” and you have no claim on him. Or is it that you want him to be your boyfriend?

If so, you want to look into love spells.

Ive been working on making him my boyfriend for a little while and it seems to be working. I’m just afraid a girl will stray him away before I’m able to make it official.

Create a servitor to chase the girls away. Unless he’s sensitive to energy or has occult learning, he’ll never know.

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Thank you so much.

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