He is calling out to me

So every dream I had last night was with spirits in a conference with me I recognize pretty much all of them but a few there I haven’t spoken to just yet including…you guessed it me. Belial himself and Lucifer and enki at that and others yeah

I don’t remember half of what was said besided I need a kick in the butt and continue to work hard in life and on my path work

I’m not weavering I just been letting depression and relationships drag me down my energy levels aren’t how they use to be and it just sucks all the way around

I believe the three I named are waiting for me to call on them including astrothe as well and of course furfur

I have no clue how to deal with any one of them except furfur
how things are going to be
What do they need from me
Idk what was all said or promised
Ugh my life

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