H'basue Naga Goddess

I was summoned to my temple yesterday as soon as I woke up. I ended up only going there later that day to meet a husband and wife Naga couple. They have not been summoned by humans for the past 1700 years. They have started working with magicians recently. They are both very lovely spirits. If you do work with them feel free to add to this post.

Element: Fire, Air, Ether
Colors: Pink, Green, Yellow, White
Incense: Jasmine
Flowers: White lily, White Azalea
Offerings/Likes: sweet white wine, pasta, veggie salads, sherbet, martini, doughnuts, artisan bread.
Dislikes: snakes, cherry blossoms, pizza, ice cream, sound of bells.
Time: Diurnal
Appearance: shoulder length brown hair in dreads, golden eyes, olive skintone and the sound of rattlesnake when approaching/upon manifestation.
Temprament: patient but will show her annoyance. Shes very approachable and good for beginners.
Teaches: Seduction, love magick, self-love, self-confidence, lunar magick, hebdometry, subconscious/shadow work.
Spouse: Bug’oukid’ac



thanks for posting this. I honestly never heard of this spirit!
She seems pretty cool I’m bookmarking this 1. :slightly_smiling_face:

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