Hay does anyone recognize this sigil

Just wonder about this symbols and could use some help analyzing it. The background is part of the design as while.


It’s got elements reminiscent of the Volkswagen logo, otherwise I don’t know. :thinking:


Or the sigil of Saturn/Azazel, or the tree of life/death on it’s side…


download (7)

The Masonic Symbol?

It’s too simple for a demon’s sigil. Where did you find this?

Looks somewhat like a Veve sigil, but common occult elements were incorporated.


Its from a friend pretty decent scyer wrote in my journal said he came across spirits out in space creating some type of structure out of light in the shape of this sigil.

Best bet is to ask the celestial gods. They would have the best answer considering this has a feeling of our light.

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thanks for the information I will look into it

I wonder what you mean by our light

I meant pure lmao my mistake

It looks like the sigil of demon koskahtae

Koskahtae is a demonic king attributed to Thagirion who commands a legion of great, undead gladiators. He can aid one in becoming a warrior and excelling at martial arts.