Hay does anyone know if I can do magick with a radionics box and a voodoo doll or poppets?

Hay I have been toying with the idea of using a Radionics box and a voodoo doll to affect a target does anyone have experience with this and if so what were the effects and timeline to get the result?

Look forward to hearing from you all.

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Put the doll on the output for the target/link.

Me, I wouldn’t bother to combine them. Both are sympathetic magick, radionics puts it, both form persistent structural links to the target, so using both is redundant.

A doll is typically made with the link in it, so it’s like a wrapper for the link. (Unless there’s no link and you just name the doll, then the doll IS the link.) With radionics, you can put that link right on the output by itself.


see I don’t have a usual link the only link I have is an email they sent. so I am anchoring the essence of that email to the doll so I can dominate them to what they should be doing and stop their choices and procrastination. is that a possible link I don’t have DOB or pic or even a real name I think so this is what I am thinking a way to connect to them through their email.

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Yeh you can write the email address on a bit of paper. But if the effort and energy put into making a doll helps you convince yourself the doll IS the target, so what happens to the doll happens to the target, then that can be better.

All these are tools to help you focus your energy, they do jack shit without you doing the real work anyway, so do whatever it takes to get your energy flowing right.

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Yes, I plan on printing and cutting that email address out and then starting to make the link for 4 days leaving it running then starting the operation I think this is the way to activate the work and focus the energy as you stated.