Having trouble become aware of my chakras

I’m having trouble becoming aware of my chakras and purifying them I’m thinking of using Robert Bruce is practical energy work techniques mixed with a mantra is there a better way to do that other than the way I just described?

I’m pretty sure chakra meditation IS Robert Bruce’s technique, only limited to 7 locations instead of the entire body.

After doing both for some time, I really don’t see anything special about these alleged chakras. I can recreate the same feeling in any part of my body, which leads me to believe chakras are nothing bad a bad meme being spread by those Reiki assholes with their stupid fucking certifications.

I’m convinced the only thing that really matters is learning to focus on one thing intently without distraction.

I don’t think you should “purify” them Maxout, I think you should ask a willing demonic King or similar to throw energy in, so that you’re no longer manifesting forth from them in the normal “natural order of things,” but can, instead, willingly draw what you need, and then manipulate it - like I did, in 2014.

And, there aren’t seven chakras, according to trad. Hindu stuff there are at least 21 - 7 below the Muladhara (base of spine), the 7 we all know about in the body, and seven above the crown as well… then some people see them in hands and feet, etcetera!

Such diversity of opinion is one of the joys of forums, and choosing which best suits you right now is what makes you a magician and not a disciple (though I am taking disciples right now, entries on the back of a postcard, written in blood!).


I do alot of chakra work and meditation this has opened doors for me in every aspect in my life. To work with your chakras the third eye must be active, you will feel a pulse in your brow when it is open. Im going to start with the ajna chakra, this is where magick is formed from the spark of life. The ajna is easy to open if the imagination is active. The imagination is key and must be seen as a door of unlimited power and knowledge. Place an object near you focus on it place the image, weight and texture of the object in your mind. As you are astral with your object place it into your pocket. Know the feel of the object inside your pocket, meditate on this know it’s there. This exercise repeated will open the ajna giving birth to creation and destruction. You will feel it pulse in your brow and it will move deeper into your skull. When the minds eye has opened the chakras can be worked with proper, start from your crown to root. Bring the color of the chakra into your mind, watch it spin as the universe does. Place your astral hand on your chakra move the chakra outside your body. Pull each chakra into your vision give them life. Seeing your chakras before you, you will shift your projection to Seeing yourself and your chakras. Focus on each chakra from this projection, this will give more detail and understanding of the true self and health. You can vibrate your root tones to bring the chakras into a clearly seen manifestation. As this chakra work is practiced the magical mind will Aline with you. This will speed your ascent, giving you a deeper understanding of evocation, projection and the all knowing mind.

Indeed.The 7 Main Chakras are important,and should be worked on but it must be recognized that they’re not the only ones.

You can read about the sub-muladhara chakras here:

You aught to keep in mind the Ze’al chakra which E.A. talks about.

Also,remember that you can technically open chakras on yourself,to connect to a spirit,or force or simply push otuwards a specific type of power.