Having to show restraint

Thus far I haven’t intentionally sent someone to get a lol fucked up

But GODDAMN do I fight the urge on a daily basis lol

It’s hard sometimes because i have this energy of anger towards people who hurt me and i don’t know what to do with it.

Im sure that channeling it into a ritual to teach them a lesson would be cathartic on my end but I don’t do it for repercussions.

Maybe I’m just too nice :wink:


Devil’s advocate for catharsis tonight :laughing:

Also no body said the ritual had to result in a body bag :alien: could be ya give them a ritualist purge so they arnt an asshole after, possibly by exorcising the toxicity from them if they are gonna be in ya life that way your life is less negatively impacted by them and they may benefit from it as well.