Having some trouble

So im having some trouble getting out of my body and what not, and i need some spirits that help me out a bit

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While there’s no angel that teaches astral projection or soul travel specifically there are some that we can consider.

Arcangel Gabriel in the lore is said to psychopomp the souls of the dead, he also guides the souls of those who are entering into their next incarnation, as well as instructing children while they grow in the womb.

As a psychopomp, it is entirely possible that he might be able to help your soul leave your body, in the same way that he guides souls to their place of rest. Though, this is just theory, you should evoke him to be sure.

He is also a divine messenger and may not be able to help you, but he may certainly be able to teach you.

Also, Remiel, he is also a psychopomp, he guides the souls of the righteous dead to heaven; and he also grants visions.

Again, the same theory goes, that as a psychopomp, he has experience with guiding and transporting souls. It’s not a stretch to imagine that he would be able to help your soul leave your body.

Or, Raziel, Angel of Mysteries (lit. Secret of El), is said to possess all the secrets of the universe. He may not be able to help you to obtain astral projection, but he can certainly teach you.

You could try Paralda, the elemental King of Air. He can aid you in mastering your spiritual faculties.

From Kingdoms of Flame, there is Satagraal, Grand Demon reining over the currents of seership, self-projection, and prophesy.

Or Thalos, Spirit of the Kingdom of Blue Flame.

Can you help with the titles that Thalos goes with. And what he does other than help in astral projection

Thalos doesn’t have any titles.

He teaches the art of projection. Period. Projection encompasses far more than just astral travel. In Kingdoms of Flame it is also stated that “once you have mastered his teachings to his satisfaction, he will then give you the secret keys to the portals of the Astral Realm” which means he knows of hidden ways to enter various places.