Having (sexual) relationships with spirits

Yes, I already noticed that people here are much more open-minded than in so many others, or probably, the majority of other communities.

I probably will share little by little, when the opportunity occurs. For some things, there is no need though, as some things are already known or accepted here.

It truely is crazy, how much people are not interested in seeing or knowing the truth… it’s enough for them, to think they do, but once someone tells them something that is not within their narrow limits, no matter how neutral, that person may even get attacked heavily back.

It’s hard to understand that such narrow-mindness exists, but it does, unfortunately, and I had to admit at some point, that I have no place with such people. Probably a big part of the problem in spirit relationships.

My succubus already told me months before it happened, that it would come to this, that I’ll let all these people and communities behind me, no matter how much I would consider friends there. And it didn’t matter if I don’t accepted it at that time, she said, I would see it and it would happen. If it was for her, she wanted me to move on sooner - but would I listen? :smiley:

When I were discovering something new, I were totally excited about it and wanted to know more, always wanted to understand the things behind and such… and thought, all others involved with spirits, would share the same excitement. Until I understood, there is difference, between seeking experiences and seeking knowledge and the truth.

These people were actually an obstacle to my progress for a long time. :frowning:


I think everything has been said already in this post. I am 100% with its contents when it comes to my own experiences, but since I don’t want to “out” myself that much in depth I am glad that you stepped forward @Lux_Tenebris Thank you


Sometimes a different perspective can throw a harsh light on people’s ideas and they feel threatened by it. It’s extremely difficult to even say what the truth is, it’s something different for everyone, or so it seems. But bold, unsubstantiated claims and an ego losing itself in delusion can be pretty obvious for those who have a bit more perspective (usually those who have gone through a painful phase of disillusionment and self-discovery themselves). Nobody can claim to know the ultimate truth, but with increasing knowledge and experience, I think it’s safe to say that we can at least determine what is realistic or not so much.


I have no words, this is just it.

Some spirits may start harsh straight out from day 1, others might be “kind” with you at first but soon they will teach you a harsh lesson or two.
Very much how a human can be: Polite and kind when they don’t know you well but once you become something more (whatever that might be) than just acquaintances they will slap you in the face with your bs, especially when all this time you have no progress whatsoever and you’re just swimming in the :heart: sea.
They will challenge you, they will test you, they will even offend you or/and make you cry if needed. Trust me, even if you don’t understand why they’re doing it, you’ll find out eventually and everything will fall in place.
A relationship, any kind of relationship, with a spirit isn’t easy at all. Some times its even harder than human relationships, because they know you. The real you. And they connect with you deeply in ways that a human may, and most likely never will, connect with you ever.

Sex is not the goal, never, in any kind of relationship. If all you do with spirits is sex, that should make you question the kind of spirit you’re dealing with. Even if you like it. You won’t ascend just because you’re sucking a spiritual penis. Or many of them. Fact.
And same as they can refuse, so can you. Same as they’re not your sex toy, same goes for you. A legit spirit will accept your answer with grace, maybe even praise you for that or explain you the reasons why it has to be done. A pretender/parasite will get angry at you and maybe even try to rape you. Do not, I repeat, do not accept it. Do not take it as an expression of their love or lust for you. Banish and keep banishing because that shit ain’t the real thing.


I found it quite alarming how several people have written about how possessive and controlling their ”lovers“ are, and they seemed to be somewhat proud of that. This doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship at all, no matter what the dynamic is. It’s like a dominant macho guy who flips his lid whenever his woman talks to another man, and accuses her of flirting or him of hitting on her. Dude…if you’re really as great and confident as you try to portray yourself, then you shouldn’t get your panties in a twist about the smallest things. Makes one wonder what small things you try to compensate for. Same with parasites: their biggest fear is that their targets eventually catch on to them, that’s why they have to ensure they’re weakened and dependent on them. Their power lies in mind-fuckery and intimidation.


I think it’s easy to fall for that mindset in the beginning. Thinking something like “He cares so much about me, he doesn’t want me to be with someone else and get hurt.”

But this is the result of projecting too much human into your spirit lover. And it’s also the result of trying to make everything fit into the picture, even the stuff that has nothing to do with it, like previous failed relationships for example.
I’m a bit guilty of doing that in the beginning, too. But while figuring everything out, you should realize what really makes sense and what doesn’t.
We are always fast in thinking “Aaah, now everything makes sense!” But then in the end, when you know more, it doesn’t.
Not everything that has happened to you is a result of your relationship, even if you really had a relationship with them in previous lifes already.

I think it’s not easy to understand that even though you’re not the only one or them, even though you’re here and they’re not, and even though they don’t help you picking which lipstick you should use today (like seriously, wtf), your relationship is still very special, important and unique.

You said it pretty well here:

I think these words are incredibly important.


They can help you find little mundane things that will make you feel more confident if you struggle with self-image issues etc, but they will never ever EVER bother with silly, childish stuff that gets you nowhere. They can empathize with humans (some more than others — again very generally speaking), but they are not human!

That’s one of the main issues I have with a certain type of thread: they seem to be stuck in pink Barbie land or something. I’m not making fun of them, it just irks me because I can sense that something isn’t right. It screams delusion or parasite.


I just want to say thank you so much for posting this! I’m still a newbie and I was intrigued with the idea of sex with a spirit, because ArchAngel Michael was one of the first spirits to be around that I felt attracted to. And I thought that was odd because he’s an angel. And then I came across that forum about the woman sleeping with arch angel Raphael.
I tried to contact arch angel Michael to ask about having a sexual relationship and I channeled some messages and it was like you said where it was him saying I was their favorite and blah blah. And I remember thinking I don’t think he’d say that! So I consulted one of my mentors and they confirmed it was my own thought form/fantasy I was talking to. And when I told my mentor about that person’s experience my mentor told me that that person was almost certainly in a relationship with a parasite. And then my mentor told me that my guides were saying I needed to actually do a lot more on my journey (like you said meditation, grounding, discerning) before I even attempted that and that I should also be wanting to get to know them more. And they also pointed out to me my interest in sex with archangel Michael was related to something I needed to heal in regards to sex. So I was very ignorant about this whole thing, and a lot has changed and I have been working on all those things and getting to know my guides more. I do feel really bad now about just trying to ask that of arch angel Michael like that and I hope he will still work with me. I always call upon him for protection. But anyways just wanted to share to basically confirm that everything you said was spot on for me.


I have no doubts. :sparkles:


Hey Lux,

Lovely post, truly enlightening.

From my own experience, this is 100 percent accurate and correct.

I think the topic could be expanded upon as spirit sex is rarely about pleasure in and of itself but has a much higher metaphysical purpose. Are you familiar with Tantra and the concept of a Tantric adept engaging in sexual union with a chosen Tantric Goddess? This is actually pretty mainstream in Tibetan Buddhism and some branches of Hinduism.

Sexuality at this level is a spiritual upgrade so to speak, perhaps even ascension and godhood.

Have you ever been outside this reality, in the Great Beyond, in a non-dual, universal state?

I had that experience during a Kundalini Awakening and the sensation can only be described in sexual terms, like a thousand orgasms rolled into one, with a burst of light and energy that is unimaginable. The Creation of the Universe or the Big Bang must have been a bit like that. My own limited metaphor is that it is like the annihilation of matter and antimatter when they meet, what you get is pure energy and light. The symbolic representation of this is Union between Shiva and Shakti


This, and everything you’ve described before, is exactly what King Paimon has told me about, too. And I have my own experiences, but I’m not comfortable divulging them because they would most likely be reduced to “sex”. I have been in this state you’ve described, and I know what the concept of Tantra means as opposed to just sexual pleasure. Great contribution, thank you! I’ve alluded to the higher purpose or deeper meaning, but I guess this is pretty abstract (or may even sound absurd) for someone who has never experienced it, but I agree it should be pointed out in any case.


Great post!

Even marriage with human is serious thing… :neutral_face:

One of the best things in communicating with spirits is that spirits understand you sometimes even better than you. And in such relationship you can really open your heart :green_heart:.

I had bipolar disorder (I didn’t use any medicine, because it changes the way the brain works :no_mouth:). And one day I just said “I don’t need this in me life, I don’t want to waste my energy to this”. About what was the reason, it was some kind of hex (in slavic languages it is “porcha”, it means spoilage, damage). I’m sure that some spirit helped me to leave all that behind (bpd, self harm, suicide attempts). I was able to live again.

And a little off topic (about depression, agressive behavior etc):
In slavic countries in is widespread thing to go to “babka”(means old lady, granny), the woman who does some magic things and help to solve problems (aka witch, but “babka” sounds like someone good). They can work with christian egregore or use black magic or be “two handed” (uses both), etc. Some people try to use some spells by themselves. Sometimes even love spell can go wrong and affects like hex. And for example victim get ill instead of fell in love (because of mistake or the strong will of victim).

And of course there are a lot of kinds of hexes/curses, for example to make someone mad, or fat, or ugly. Also, there is such a thing like “morok” (means darkness) and it is used for hiding magical work. It works so, that cards/ruses give wrong answers, victim don’t want to do cleansing, mess in mind.

There are a lot of signs of magical attacks. For example hex for closing paths can cause that shoes tears fast and person stumbles a lot.

Mostly hexes are made with help of “bes” aka demon on crossroads or with help of graveyard and its spirits. Symptoms of these magical attacks differ in somewhat.

Why I wrote all this? If something going wrong or someone acts weird - do cleansing and banishing. There is always a reason (even if we don’t see or understand it). And if you have relationship with spirit, he/she will always help you to improve yourself.


Baba can be not old woman (but not young), when babka is definitely old one. And yes, word babka can be used in different situations (positive/negative), but people don’t say “I go to “vidma”(witch) for help” it is a little bit weird; but a lot of people have some “babka” in village, which can do things:shushing_face:
About exercise… yes, and you will have all you need for that exercise. For me it was information. It was exactly what I needed.

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Good response

In that regard… my succubus, after we had a great very long night till morning, has been more like distant for nearly a week now. Letting me know though, more or less at times, that she’s there, by touches and dreams, but not getting into sex and more than just some hugging and touches.

But, it made me wonder and as that, made me think. Instead of just resting on the recent progresses. Made me think, if I should do something… if I should work on something more, my chakras, do some ritual or look into some entities and generally read and learn about stuff. If she just satisfied my desire for sex these nights, I would had not done any thinking or looking into things. At all. And probably, would had even not the energy to do anything of it (the day after that night mentioned above was quite a drain).

Kinda seems to confirm the things you said. She could have done the sex thing every night and I would been all for it :smiley: But she didn’t. And in turn, I’ve been doing other useful things instead.

Actually, I think she may has been working maybe on my chakras instead… have been feeling last days a lot more pressure on some spots during meditations and also more often that light which seems to come from no source behind the eyelids which I associate with the 3rd eye.

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Thank you this is an awesome post, and made me feel very good inside about my spirit companion:) thank you guys for the wise words, I shall take them to heart

Edit: its 3:33 haha

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