Having difficulty reading for myself

I like doing tarot readings but whenever I try to read for myself it’s so hard to decipher the cards and what they mean. Sometimes even on simple questions. I guess it’s because the subject I’m asking about is causing me a lot of confusion to begin with. I did a working and I just want confirmation it worked but, my brain can’t focus to get a proper reading. Any tips or help would be welcomed.


I personally avoid doing readings for myself because, well, reading things you might like to read into it. When I really want myself read at times, I have one trusted reader I’d consult whenever necessary. But I understand that it’s inevitable to do a self-reading when it’s about a magickal working at hand, because of course, you’d like to know how it went, how it would be received, etc. Some things that worked for me in doing readings about such would be:

  • Doing a simple Yes/No spread. IME this is easier because the cards just give you a straight-out “Yes, it worked” or “Nope, it didn’t, unfortunately”. You can also gleam some details to further explain the Yes/No answer from the cards if you’d like, but personally, I don’t go in-depth into readings about myself because I just prefer the hows and whys of the Yes or No to be some sort of fun surprise lol.

  • Perhaps you’d also like a more straightforward divination tool/method to try as well? If you want to still stick with cards, try Lenormand as it can be very literal and in your face. Shufflemancy (music divination) could also be direct with the song picks as long as you ask and shuffle right. At times, the songs that will play might even have many interpretations already by both the artist and fans alike, making it easier for you to interpret what the song is truly about in regards to your question. Oracle cards could also be more suitable when reading for yourself as words on the cards + handbook usually answer the question (not to mention it takes a bit of a quicker time to read them as well).

  • If that still doesn’t work, go back to the utmost basics. I remember doing a “drawing lots” kind of divination session wherein I’d meditate first, write all the possible answers to the question in strips of paper, fold and mix them all up until I feel like it’s the right time to draw a strip of paper and that’s it. While at first I felt stupid and skeptical of it, It actually turned out correct. Again, up to you if you’d like to write further explanations or simple one-word answers in those paper strips.

  • If you’re working with a spirit, reading for yourself would also be easier if you ask their assistance in channeling necessary information regarding your work with them. IME if you do connect with them correctly during a divination session, the reading interpretations would just flow effortlessly. You might even get information that you didn’t originally ask for, but is actually quite relevant still to the situation. However, of course this tip also goes hand-in-hand with the usual precautionary measures (banishing, cleansing, grounding, etc.), as well as being respectful and professional (well, unless you’re close with the spirit, but personally I still like being professional with even those I’m close to when it’s time to work so… up to your preferences).


I have the same issue so I pull cards and write their meaning! I don’t feel they relate but I record them anyways! They make more sense when I come to them another day! Sometimes I realise some of the cards happened and I was just in denial when I was pulling the cards and I had to see it happen in real life to believe the information I received…

Exact same issue here. I started reading tarot quite recently, and I was like “Wtf, am I just bad or why can’t I understand anything”. And since few days, I’ve tried doing readings for people and I mean… I get wayyyy better results.

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Thank you so much for this advice. I’ll try some of the different methods.

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