Having confidence in your spell

Good day is that okay that after you do some spells, is that okay that you must have the confidence of your spell that will work? Or must forget about what youve done so it will work? I did chaos magick awhile ago thanks

You can go about it two ways, in my opinion. After a spell or ritual, either have absolute confidence in the magick to the point there isn’t a flicker of doubt in your mind about it, which, to be honest, is difficult even for experienced mages, or simply forget that you did any magick at all. Treat the spell or ritual like it was a dream, that it didn’t really happen.

Both ways work to lessen lust for result.


Thanks for the tips brother! Really appreciate it. Like you always commented on my post really appreciate it❤️

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After a spell, I usually just go about forgetting or more so acknowledging that I did the ritual work and now to trust for the rest (results).

I think it’s okay to have PASSING thoughts about the ritual work as long as your not obsessing over them, OR their because of doubts like : “how long will it take to work?” “Did I do the ritual right?” Etc etc. Since thoughts like those basically ruin all the hard work you put in.

Another good rule of thumb is, RIGHT after you do a ritual if you FEEL GOOD about it, then trust that feeling and move on with the rest of your day. Have confidence in your ability to do magick.

Also realize that it’s OKAY if a spell/ritual doesn’t always work OR turn out the way you wanted it. We are human, we make mistakes/etc and sometimes things don’t work perfectly - if they did…well the world would be a different place