Haven’t been active in a long time. This is why! Giving my thanks 🙏

So if you were present for my post at the beginning of 2018 throughout most of the year I was having difficulties with my current lover. I evoked many entities which include…
Archangel Michael
Angel Lavida
Archangel Jehudiel
Archangel Raguel
Archangel Chamuel
Archangel Zaphiel
Archangel Gabriel
Angel Emmanuel
Angel Barakiel
Angel Camael
Angel Gamaliel
Angel Laylah
Bath Kol
And especially Queen Pomba Gira Maria Padilla
To manifest my own destiny in life. So at the beginning of 2018 on the super blue blood moon I did a soul binding love spell. I was very confused why it was taking so long to manifest I had a set time when I thought it would all manifest I had asked the angels, andromalius and blodeuwedd to help it all manifest within 6 months . And it didn’t really work that way . I honestly think I was obsessing way too much and was so concerned when all my dreams would come true that It was delayed for a while . I kept doin little spells here and there like a mojo bag, menstrual magic, and prayers ect. Ect. And it would make my my man lust over me and that’s about it, only sexual cravings for me. Eventually it was around September and I was over the waiting I didn’t think it would ever come to fruition . My man was treating me like an option, almost like a side piece . It was awful so eventually I just blocked him on everything, my phone and all social media, I even deleted this app on my phone because I was obsessing wayyyyy to much about the situation to the point where I wanted to hurt my man . Then I prayed to queen pomba gira Maria Padilla to help manifest my destiny one last time before I fully moved on. I gave her my usually offerings at the crossroads and promised to give her even more offerings when everything I wanted came to life . So I moved on after doing that ritual with her, started talking to a new guy who was actually very amazing and sweet, I thought I was going to be with the new guy for a while I was ready to start something new and before I knew it guess who popped back into my life … you guessed it my original man he had gotten rid of all the grime he was doing . He moved me into his house and I am now with him. At first I was sceptical and didn’t even want to be around him and now I’m pregnant with his baby just like I wished . Everything has made a 360 degree change . It’s amazing . Once I saw the results I made sure to give queen pomba gira Maria Padilla a lottttt of offerings . I am so thankful for what I have in my life right now . I want to give thanks to all the entities and angels and my queen pomba gira Maria Padilla for helping me accomplish this goal. Thank you thank you thank you . So much to alllllll of them. I believe once I let go and forgot all about the situation, and stopped stressing is when the magic happened . Anything is possible it just takes time. Love to all of you and good luck in manifesting
Your own life :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️



It’s called ‘lust of result’ and it’s a real bastard of a concept to get your head around. Glad you succeeded.



That’s what terrifies me. I want my goal so bad that I’m just going to get in my way. How can you avoid that?


Thanks for posting this! It gives me hope for my ongoing love situation. I’ve taken the decision to step back also lately as I was focusing way too much on him. Glad it worked out for you! I hope it does for me too one day. But for now I’m detaching and focusing on my own life.


Make yourself so busy that you’re too tired to think let alone obsess about your loved one.


It happened after September, so almost a year?

Congratulations on everything! Especially the baby.

And thank you for reminding us that things can take a while, but they will happen.


How do you work with Maria?