Have you worked with Mephistophiles

Hi @itsnathanm7, could you let us know the reference material you have used to work with Mephistophiles.

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The book of mephisto and the draconian ritual book.


Oh and then Mephistopheles Himself.

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It is a lot. It’s the dark side of the earth you’re standing on. It has to do with survival, the raw primal nature of the earth, potential made manifest without the limitations of this world, the shadow of Malkuth, the garden of horrors and truths, it shows you the advantages and strengths you do have and sometimes those strengths aren’t pretty, it both creates and consumes. Takes life as it gives it and does so infinitely and continually to promote progress and evolution.

It’s applications are countless and priceless. And Mephistopheles, like some others, are connected to it.