Have you worked with Mephistophiles

Please post any information on Mephistophiles here


well since he is from folklore, its more of a Boba Yoga Situation, very few have actually worked with him and you’re going to just have to channel him to get him to work with you


Ah Mephistophilis…I have summoned him before.

He is good, a grand duke. I asked he bestows me his gifts which he did, even though he said I called him the wrong hour. I said I’m sorry, I didn’t know the actual hour and even if I do…uhm I may not follow it. I called when I need you. Lol

He was just looking at me like, does he think with his head; then He said ‘it’s ok’.


What can he do for the magician? Did he specify his power?


Yeah. I said to him: I learnt that he teach many arts, and one can learn things in an instant from him. To which he replied: YES. Smiling.

That smile gave me the impression that he can do more than just that but I didn’t question him more.

When I made a request of an art, he asked if he should teach me or bestow it on me…i asked for the latter. To which he did instantly. I felt heavy then normal again.

I requested for one of the servient spirits under his command, who will obey and serve me faithfully, and he called one out. I then thank and bid him goodbye.


Thank you for sharing your experiences they are very comprehensive and really help me out.


Mephisto can teach you the art of hexing, unhexing, curses and even dead/ death related. He was probably the first demon that appeared infront of me during a ritual just to remind me of what I was doing wrong, and later taught me some stuff and said he was willing to be my mentor.


How did you summon him?

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Hey There,

If you start research about Mephistopheles, you will find easily some sigils to call him. You can also go through Goethes Faust. Many informations.

He likes wine and is a trickster. Everyone Who worked with Loki will know what I mean. Mephistopheles is very good at protection and you can use him for cursing people. Or as a spy. Be careful when you make a Contract with him, think about all Details before and avoid sentences he could make his fun out with. Be succinct.

I Like him very much :slight_smile:

Kind regards


Can he undo or help heal things (health-bound) that gradually got damaged (like brain; Central Nervous System)?

He’s been on my mind for a long time.

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So upon seeing your message… i called him and showed it to him. Can you help this person?
‘Yes I can’, he replied.
So, I shall deliver your message, and it’s left for them to contact the real you. He didn’t quite understand that. But I said ‘Bye’.

You have your answer, yes, he can!


Made my day. :slight_smile:
I have a habit of mentioning him a lot (by title & name). Today I wish to draw a portrait of him with a part of his contract symbol.

By the way, last night, after I typed that question for Lord Mephistopheles, I went to sleep.
Because of my recent sunburns, I felt like I was lying on a mattress made of needles and my skin was burning. I closed my eyes for a moment trying to make myself sleep (it was around 3AM), I felt as if someone, as cool as ice, took my hands and held them until I fell asleep. :innocent:

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Honestly? This only touches the surface.
He’s quite a few things, his aspects are:
Lucifers left hand
The/a grand duke of hell
Black man of the sabbat/a father of witches
Devil at the crossroads
Lord of pacts
Lord of the dark earth.
From there it’s easy to ascertain what he can do for you.
Which is literally almost anything you want.


He can also teach you the magick of the old grimoires and the secrets of traditional witchcraft. Initiate you into infernal magick. Show you how to work with astral matrixes. Infernal alchemy. I’ve only scratched the surface of working with him but it’s so rewarding. He can also grant you familiars and the treasures of the earth.

He has a thing for poison as well.

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This wouldn’t happen to be a response to what I posted yesterday, would it?

Why on earth would I waste my time? No, it wasn’t.


What is the dark Earth?

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