Have you seen aliens recently?

I know this is off topic. But like I have said i’m very new. Recently I have spotted what I believe to be as aliens. Do you have any experience with beings that look like this? These are very unusual to be around my house so just wondering if anyone else has seen these.

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I don’t think this is off topic. Why do you think this is off topic?

I was visited by a grey once while strongly under the influence of cough syrup. The little fucker was but 3 ft and it just stared at me. I only saw its sillouette but I knew it was a grey because of its big ass head.



:joy::joy::joy::joy: that really made me laugh. I have been waving and I did get a wave back from a few. But the others just seem to be spying. I have noticed them around my neighbors house as well. I wish I knew more of what is going on. My step dad does work with space intelligence so I wonder if there is a connection. I actually caught a very foreign language on tape almost like Japanese. I will try to find.

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That’s creepy. I don’t want any greys waving at me. I bet they’re there to make sure your step dad isn’t spilling any secrets.