Have you invoked these spirits?

Reading a book the author say invoqe python luzbel, and later merimin,and last, ukobach. Anyone invoqe them bfre.? Thanks

I’ve never heard of these spirits , please attempt to type properly


Hmmm interesting not lots of people know about Ukobah, he is still one of the most important in Hell.

Blessed be the lake of fire, source of life and creation!

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Nailoh its spell rgt. Rav yes its only here 1 post and yes hes hells fire burning invoqe for sex, love etc under a few demons. Python luzbel is well knw in covens of europe, and merimin. Which are kerp secret due the process to invoqe them whit great results. Tink blasphemy. I finally get 3 grimoires. And pay a eye, due to limited trust. I maypost results nxt month. Its weird bcse tis demons are in a few grimoires but notone work. Or post here. As long i keep reading i post.

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Awesome :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: