Have you invoked or evoked a collective of many entities?

Hello BALG,

An example of a collective entity would be the “Goeticon”, who, I read, is a collective of all the Goetic spirits. I have heard of the “Supreme Source”, higher selves, and the “All” too, but I am interested in more specific amalgamations.

It’ll be fun to summon the “Balgicon”, a collective entity of all the Balg forum members. What could be crazier than that?

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I worked with all 72 of the Goetia at once on something and called on all of them at the same time; I don’t wish to disclose the reason and what happened after that. (It was pretty early on my path and I felt a little sick after that for a few days.) In hindsight I wouldn’t describe it as one collective, though :sweat_smile: I still have the physical remnants of this working in a box :smiley:


The author Kurtis Joseph when he was still a BALG author ran a “WIngs of the Dragon” working in his FB, where at the end, if I recall correctly, all 144 Shem and Goetia were evoke at once. That was pretty intense. I’d do that again.

It would be ideal not to run magick on BALG members if you don’t mind: it’s against the rules actually.

But if you like, do look up Mr. Silvera, the forum’s protective egregore. I’m sure he’d be happy to see you :smiley:

Also consider talking to entities of things like businesses. These are egregoric intelligences. The Perelandra project has a book on “Soilless Gardening” that works with this concept: sort of gardening cocreatively but with you business not a plant kind of thing.

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I like both hot and cold coffee. The temperature I crave depends on my mood and/or weather.

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