Have you guys ever overthought things when it came to the occult?

Like for example, have any of you guys ever overthought things whenever you were trying to decipher what the tarot cards you pulled mean? Or spent a long time trying to figure out the best offering to give to a spirit?

Or how exactly you should word your intention for a sigil?


Yeah I definitely have in the beginning. I was scared what spirits might think of me. I did really dumb things to then impress them.

Lmao I remember the first time I evoked Sallos, I thought he was angry and so late at night I rushed to my local Edeka (Grocery store) and bought Schokobons (chocolate balls), as an offering to appease him. My mom, who’s muslim, was so confused. Then, after waiting 2 days, I didn’t know if I should throw them in the trash or eat them. I threw them away, but then read that’s disrespectful and panicked even further.

I could’ve just asked, but no, I was panicking and overthinking.

It’ll go away the more spirits you meet.


yes all the time!!

My senses are not yet fully developed, so I can’t hear what a spirit says! And that gets me confused and overthinking!

I found out it doesn’t really matter, it’s all about feelings! most times I even speak 2 languages to them ! :sweat_smile:


I think, the reason is, magic is an art, not science

You are not observing present creation.
There could be techniques, tips but you are creating with raw materials and your skill.


It’s been my experience that overthinking is often the result of attachment to outcome which of course will botch most anything you try to do.


Yeah. Trying to find out which entities are historically connected to who. Connecting demons to pagan gods, debates on which they actually are, which entities are the same or different, who falls under who, etc.

A waste of time, effort, sanity, and energy.


Have you found anything? I’m curious about this topic.

I’m sure I over-cleansed my Tarot deck several times.