Have you evoked all 72 kings/queen, 72 daemon evoke challenge

Doing them all in order, asking them to unlock the parts of my mind they are associated with and a few other random things they are capable of doing.

Such as no earthquakes, squish a dude, look into future, understand time,etc


Ok. i need to get organised!


Share your experiences when you do


I started with Agares and Bael. I asked them both to help me strengthen my friendships (particularly with one person) and find good friends in the places I frequent.
More work is required on my part to make these things happen before they will fully agree to assist me. So I need to strengthen my connections with other people - Agares said I have the tools in my hands to do this already, and Bael said I should not be afraid of showing people my inner fire and passion.

*Think I should mention as a side note that I’ll be asking them for things traditionally under their purview as well as those noted by S. Connolly and other authors, as appropriate.


Was really tired last night I had zero success with Samigina. Going to try again.


I evoked Samigina with success! Sounds like a she in voice and was annoyed at first, but helped me relieve mental burden of large volume absorbed in a short time.

Samigina says: Many often see the light, but few truly follow it and find the source and behold what it contains.


Evoked Marbas, he toyed with me a bit and finally confronted me when I grabbed his tail.

He unlocked the part of my mind he is associated with and I felt at ease. I asked him some tall requests as well, so we will see if those come to fruition as well.

Thanks Marbas

P.s. y’all are still softies. Let the deamons in.


:joy::joy::joy: I have terrible idea if not worse…

First Thanks to Marbas who direct me to this thread…

…but I was thinking with these enns is possible to summon all 72 goetic demons at once…

Anyone having the same idea as mine…???


Yea you can people @Micah is one I believe have evoked/invoked multiple entities at the same time. One guy I think said invoked 152 or something like that


Lol its already been done bro, so yeah its possible.
@KingOfHearts616 has done it
Ive did it
Others have

Try invoking 1,000,000 Demons. :smiling_imp:


:joy::joy::joy: then I’m into it…
@Micah @RiseorDie

That will be like summoning the entire demonic race…


I ain’t got the time to evoke all at once, personally.

Also, I feel the manner in which I am doing this encourages spiritual and magickal growth. It is essentially a 72 day evocation of deamons and inviting them in my home and body. Quite the experience.

Evoking all at once is kind of cheap unless you have some heavy spellwork to be doing.

P.s. softies


I’m working on my TGS and energy raising before I start on this. Don’t want to burn out half way.


Tonight is Valefor,

The goetia implies he is one who steals. We shall see what he says.



My gosh, Valefor, imma have to do another read on this guy. Only impression I got was he is a mischief maker, danced around me all night.

Anyone else have anything? This is a good magick builder! Either way I got like 67 or so more deamons so get used to my posts for awhile lol.

Side note, I have a ton going on right now, but since I have started doing this I feel very committed to everything. Like a blessing of sorts or maybe in the LHP world a hexing of positive nature Lol?


Evoked Valefor again, this time I was able to ask if he would unlock the part of my mind he is associated with. He jumped up and onto the back of my head and stuck his finger like key into my head and turned it. I could feel a pulse go through my head.

Also, asked if I had anything I would like to steal. Made it clear that it wasn’t necessarily so black and white and more a figure of speech.

On to Amon.

Since I have started doing this my capacity for focus and memory retention has drastically improved.

Good luck


Yeah I did all 72 goetics and 72 angels, plus the 7 archangels and hades at once. That was a trip

As for the challenge, I seem to be late :confused:


The challenge continues you ain’t late unless you don’t want to do it lol.

72 days of evoking


I fell asleep while trying to summon Amon, will have to do it again. Seems to be a common trend with me, but all is good.

Had Some crazy dreams about zombies though


Catching up a bit since I’ve not been on lately, but here’s what I have:

Vassago - didn’t say anything directly but I was full of a feeling like I needed to start a 7-day cleansing on myself before proceeding with my other intensive spellwork on a specific person. I figure that was a warning that if I don’t do it now I’m going to have problems. So now I have that in progress.

Samigina - nothing really said here either, I am getting into more arts and crafts kinds of hobbies though so I think they are acting as a muse.

Marbas - More going on this time, I asked for help with a lot of aspects of my autoimmune issues as well as for the secrets someone is keeping about me to be revealed. They told me I know some secrets this person may not know they are even keeping, but soon all will be revealed and resolved. My health problems are a more long term thing, but they agreed to help.