Have you ever pulled a love target situation situation back that was very far from the brink and how did you do it?

Thanks will read!

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Update- more positive happenings.

My specific person replied again today, this time much more positively as she sent me two messages and they were much softer than before so I feel I’m definately moving in the right direction now…

So I spent much of today forgiving her when I thought of her, and immediately doing a clearing ritual as soon as I felt angry or fearful about her… I think it has made a big difference, she must have picked up on the more positive energy. So I sent her two messages at 5pm- very sincere, apologising for my behaviour and telling her I should have trusted her more etc, I made sure the second part was light hearted and positive… after I sent her the messages, I performed a candle magick ritual, similar to EA Koetting’s standard one… followed by focusing on results magick on several of the Sigils related to love from the Zanna Blaise 72 Sigils of power book… I then did one 15 minute meditation based on self love from Agnes Vivarelli’s channel. I think I am close to a solid blueprint of how to pull someone back who has lost virtually all feeling for you now…

She seems much more like the old version of her who liked me before now… though these are just messages and we haven’t chatted on the phone, so am cautiously optimistic recognising a lot more needs to be done… I’m not going to be complacent though, I know why I messed up so I’m going to make sure my internal changes are permanant to make sure it doesn’t happen again and this relationship can start to move… but the hard work seems to be paying off :grinning::smiley:


What NAP ritual did you use?

I’m using Anael and Jahzair, (sp?) Pagiel, and Elubatel and Dynamis… definitely working… he’s 80% back and told someone we were “kinda dating” today when they asked, he’s proposed (intoxicated) talks of marriage, and tells me he loves me

This is from being blocked… twice

But what has had fastest results is the sigil spell by ngcreativity… I keep using it in various forms… working strong!

What cracks me up is he’s said several times it’s like I’ve put a spell on him since being back in his life… :zipper_mouth_face::wink::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::laughing::100:


Just to add to this I’ve also bought the New Avatar Power book and am doing the same rituals as above :black_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::grin::smiley:

How did you like the whole NAP book? Been working with Elubatel .

I quite liked it, though in the end I decided to work with Damon Brand’s updated versions instead! I’ve put lovelife on the backburner for the moment anyway, focusing on money/career as lockdown makes it pretty hard to progress any kind of relationship.


This is such a fascinating thread.

To give my answer, yes, I’ve been able to keep someone around long after it all went south. I was able to keep them grudgingly sexually fascinated in me even though that was clearly not his intention.

This person had no knowledge of my magick, but once asked me, out of the blue, to ‘release him’. It was such a random thing to say but I took as a sign that he was subconsciously fighting the magick put in place.

I kept it up, perhaps out of stupidity on my part, but yes, in essence, I kept him coming back over and over until I did indeed release him.

In terms of magickal methods employed, I had worked a number of hoodoo obsession spells on him, including, but not limited to an obsession jar, the old apple-through-the-legs trick, hoodoo powder in his shoes.

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