Have you ever make a pact with a demon?

Have any of you guys make a pact with a demon? Would you like to share your experiences? How did you summon them? I’ve been doing a lot of research, however I would love to read some insight before proceeding with the plan. I’m thinking of making a pact with Lilith and Duke Sallos to bring back a special target. Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated


Hello and welcome


The way to summon them can be found all over this forum.


On February and this month’s beginning I followed E.A.'s evocation of Azazel video, although without props (no candles, no incense…), the first time I only drawn the Demon’s sigil on paper and put my blood over it. So this would be my second month of pact with Azazel.


Did one with Belial and also the rededication by JS Garrett and JD Temple.
He is a stern teacher. He’s got a list of books for me lol. I’m also working with King Paimon who gives plenty of projects though he has so far said a pact with him is unnecessary.


No I have not yet. Everything in my gut is telling me to make a pact with Multiple Demons at once but I might just make the pact with 3.

How have you been getting on since then?

I made a pact in a dream. Many years ago. I can’t remember with who exactly but it looked like the typical devil :smiling_imp: Could be Satan or someone else with this title. I was surrounded by hell flames so i don’t know. :fire: It seemed to have opened up many doors for working with demons so I’m not complaining.