Have you ever had a spirit terrified of you?

You’ve heard of the spirit terrifying the man but have you ever heard of the man terrifying the spirit?

Has your presence ever scared a spirit or some sort of entity before?

Spirits of the dead are often afraid of magicians because they’re just lost people and they know you can see them, and affect them, and some living people who think of themselves as all ethical, and buy fair trade coffee and whatever, think nothing of abusing dead people…


I remember walking into a new age shop not that long ago and I thought it would be fun to mess with the pendulums in the shop and I noticed something strange
One I sensed fear not from me or the people around me but from something.
Two the pendulum was shakey I then realized it was the entities I was talking to
I asked them if they were scared of me and they Answered Yes :joy:
That same store I took a photograph of my aura and on the top right of the picture you can see Azazel smiling to the camera :joy:


The dead are often pretty skiddish especially around magicians. They are so used to being under the radar around most people that they have to do a double take when a magician or necromancer notices them or attempts to interact with them. Some dead spirits aren’t that way and they are usually shades who are older or who have worked with a magician before.


I’ve experienced non human spirits that are emotional and quite sensitive. I got the feeling that they were nature spirits of some sort, as to what kind I have no idea. Used to being preyed on or abused, understandably they were skittish and wary. I have made spirits uncomfortable before.

The first sigil I ever opened came with this big burst of an emotion I can’t really identity. It felt like all of them sort of bubbled up at once. I sat there crying completely overwhelmed by it all and apologizing to the one whose sigil I opened. I can’t see spirits yet, but I got the impression he was standing in the corner watching me like “Soooo balled up human chick crying for no reason…are you going to tell me what you want?” He did stay until I could articulate what I wanted. Yay for happy endings!


For some reason, I terrify most faerie and nature spirits. There is something about my aura or essence that damages them. One got too close to me; it made them wither and flee in pain. : / I haven’t had any issues with demons though.

I know of lesser demons who were timid around me at first, but open up to me once they know I’m not there to order them around and be cruel to them. I like to get to know them.


Sounds like your their higher up!

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There’s this little spirit that runs around my house in the form of a cat. I’m not sure if it’s actual form is a cat… or if it’s a familiar… or what. It follows me everywhere but is always hiding from me or running away.

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