Have you ever encountered a incubus?

I had some encounters in the last few months without knowing what it was before i Googled it…so has anyone of you ever find her/his self in such a Situation??

There are some incubi owners who are active in this forum, myself included.

You can own them? So does it mean somebody owns him and have him the order to do this ?

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Nah I wouldn’t look at it though that lense you should treat them as equals , just know what you’re getting yourself into , the can provide companionship and sexual encounters but they do feed off your energy and attach themselves to your aura sometimes , so just make sure you have that energy to spare


Tbh i dont think that i have the energy i need for that cuz everytime it happens, my Body Feels like im getting pulled towards the ground and its barely hard to move at all …it feels like i kinda go to the gym for 5 days without sleep or even a Break …also my head is blurry and i cant really take a clear mind for a few hours

Then I would not entertain or associate with the beings , some will disagree but I see most of them as parasitic beings , they need your Prana to survive

Well i dont think i can do anything against it i tried to tell him to leave in my mind but he only grabbed me harder and im not able to speak or move while hes around

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It is normal to feel drained after sex with these types of entities. You get a lot of pleasure in exchange for your energy. Maybe do it once in a blue moon for entertainment that’s what I do.


Well the pleasure is indeed a thing but the Problem is that im completely out of control and sometimes Therese eben no pleasure just pure Pain…what i want to say is that im helpless to whatever it is and sometimes its really no fun to me

Command that thing to leave , entities are bound to laws of reality , intention and emotions are strong components of magick that require nothing , call on archangel Michael and Raphael to escort it away ,

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As i said i tried do to so in my mind cuz im not abel to speak anything out loud but it hasnt worked well

Why can you not speak out loud? Draw sigil of archangel Michael and put it under your pillow it will help you connect with him as you sleep ,

Well it feels like my voice is completely gone as if im just breathing out loud with no Sound in it…is that understandable ??

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Sure it’s possible it’s feeding of your throat chakra , but your will to overcome this should be asserted , they are just illusions and parasites , but if you let the illusion overtake you then it’s not good

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You can still focus your mind on archangel Michael and one of his servants will come , to do the task you need

It sounds like you are experiencing sleep paralysis and are being drained/attacked in this state.

Ive seen stuff about that paralysis and yeah it Sounds pretty similar to be tbh

There are some entities that wait for this to happen because of the submissive state you are in from the transitioning from in or out of your body.

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But is it possible that u are in that paealysis every nicht

Yes other wise you would be sleep walking. The difference is you are conscious of it. Most people experience sleep paralysis by being woken up during exit and entrance. Not saying this is the only time this entity is feeding on you though.