Have you ever casted a loved spell /binding etc?

Have you ever casted a love spell, candle magick, binding, etc?

How long were you together before the spell?

Performed by you or paid ?

If paid, who was the caster?

Did it work?

How long did it take to see results?

Are you still together with that person?

If no, why? and Who broke it off?

How long did the relationship lasted?

What means did you use? (Spell, candle magic, paid someone, etc)

what entities were used?

If your gonna do one just make sure your ok with them being overly affectionate half the people I hear about doing them ended up breaking up with the person after they annoyed them to much not somthing that would ever happen to me but yea whateva. I’d recommend if your going to do one talking to the person and seeing if they would be willing to do it with you so it amplifies the love not immatates it.

But if there’s just someone you hella want pay someone to do it for you and get that just make sure your ok with obsessiveness.
Myself the person I want did binding with someone then broke up and is incapable or being with anyone else they had real love in her heart so it was amplified but things went wrong they broke up and he doesn’t want her but she feels super super strong feelings of omg I’m dieing everyday because of it I just want what to be the person felt about like he is cause I’d never walk away from someone who cares that much aslong as they meet me and not control me but yea control me it’s ok just know when I say it’s my turn to be done it’s my turn, lol over share I’m that 1 out of 10 that’s both sub and dom


I’ve tried but on each attempt, the connections would just die out. I realized now that it’s because I wasn’t in the place for a relationship and some of the deities who watched me didn’t see the people I chose as suitable.

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