Have you ever been disturbed by someone in the middle of your invocation/evocation

If you have been disturbed for a brief moment, did you start over?

I got angry because I was in the middle of an evocation and got disturbed by a person coming into my room while doing an evocation?

Does the evocation still work even though you have been disturbed by someone briefly? Or do you have to start over?

Yes, I have had it happen. I was evoking King Paimon and the phone rang, jarring me out of trance. I just resumed where I had left off.

Yes, the evocation will still work even if you are interrupted. Simply get back into trance and continue. If the spirit is already present, then once you’re back in trance you can resume your conversation. If the spirit is not yet present, you should start over with your summoning.

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Happens often to me, if you’re doing a major working where the surroundings act as an extension of your will it can make things a bit more complicated, but for standard evocations it’s perfectly fine.

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I got disturbed while looking at the sigil, just after “HA AWE EE AH EE OH AH EE” (the fourth) chant.

I just resumed but do you think I should start over?

Even though the spirit was not yet present?

Getting interrupted and then trying again immediately is one of the easiest ways to go about receiving contact.

Fractionation makes deep trances easy and deep trances make contact easy.

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No, I think you did fine.

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i think almost everyone has been interrupted at least once

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Happens to me on occasion. Last time, my son was banging on the backdoor to say goodnight to me when I was evoking Belial. He (Belial) found it amusing. My son was clueless.

If I can get back into trance almost immediately, I simply pick back up where I left off. If I can’t, I weigh whether starting over would work. It’s pretty rare, but if I can’t get back into trance and can’t start over, say, due to fatigue or irritation, then I simply apologize, clean up, and go for it some other time.


The working title for my memoir is “Have I summoned a demon, or are the cats just mucking about under my altar again?”