Have you come out of the magickal closet yet?

I have been a member on this form for Just over a year, but kept my studies on the down low. I’ve only recently starting disclosing that I’ve been practicing black magic… My thought process was that I should keep this on the down low, so that I am not dealt harshly with by the mundane.

However, I am getting really irritated and fed up with fake ass Christians on my Facebook list which is around 98%.

How long did it take you once you got into the OCCULT to be proud and open about your newly acquired magical powers?

I am now on the path of flames and there’s no turning back my brothers and sisters. LOL


Although i’m just new i’ve been absolutely quite to my family(Huge Christians). But i’ve learned to talk to my closest friends about it for help and just to get some things off my chest about all this. It’s a lot like a lot and for the people that don’t believe it might just be better to be quite. You don’t want to end up in some sort facility or correctional place. Just my personal opinion :)!(small edit) just to elaborate there’s no doubt in my mind i want to stop what i’m doing, but talking to people about this in my personal opinion isn’t the best decision unless they will understand and be not happy for you but happy that your doing something that makes you happy. In tv shows and movies people like us are portrayed as straight serial killers, some sort of insane group like the kkk set on killing and recruiting Lmao. Although i’m not sure what you’ve done in your life i’m sure you’re a nice person :joy:

I came into the occult as a kid, I never felt the need to hide it but never felt the need to flaunt it either. So there was never a need to come out because I was never in the closet.


I’m glad to hear this i thought i was too young to start and would get a lot of shit for it lol.

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I just don’t tell non-practitioners. Why? Because they can’t handle it or become what they preach they don’t do… JUDGE!. And, its fun as hell to see if they and their god and angles, and spirits can truly detect who and what I am. Honestly, if I got hot and heavy into full practice, I’d go to church just to gauge how well sheeples can detect or not detect if I am or have “other worldly presences” around me. Most can’t and are no better than programmed lemmings.

There’s little to gain in proudly blathering to everyone that “HEY I’M A WITCH! or I’M A WARLOCK! , etc etc.” Unwanted attention interfering all the time is wasted time I could be doing something productive.


With society the way that it is, this is not something I advertise and keep a seperate facebook, instagram and twitter for those that know.
The only people I tell would people whom I help in some way. Word does get around but exposure is always controlled.

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I practice freely and I don’t hide what I am to those I love. I operate a don’t ask, don’t tell policy because I don’t feel the need to advertise to the world because the world doesn’t need to know.


I haven’t come out and don’t want to either but I did tell my best friend once and I even got to practice telepathy with her. Other than her no one knows but you guys and I’m more of a secretive person. She isn’t into any of this but she does believe in stuff like this

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Most mundane folk have such a poor understanding of the occult anyways that either it’s not interesting to discuss it with them or you look crazy. :joy: I’m surrounded by skeptics and scientific folk and I guess, like you, I don’t consider it worth the hit to my reputation. When the topic comes up I always pretend to know nothing. I think I’ll always be in the closet :slight_smile:


Only my parents know , they are religious but seeing me happy and confident and coming out of depression since I started practicing magick , have no choice but accept it ! I don’t plan to tell anyone else , I have no physical books, no tools , nothing that shows I practice magick ! I do joke sometimes when I get angry at someone that I’ll curse them , I’m a witch , etc… but no one believes me :joy:

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I’ve never been in the broom closet. However, I also see no need in telling all and sundry what I practice. I feel those that have a need to yell the loudest about being a witch or sorcerer tend to do it simply to make themselves feel special or superior. “Ooo, better watch out, I’m a witch and I’ll curse you if you piss me off!”

I’m lucky enough to live in a country where practicing magick won’t get me killed so I don’t hide what I am; I just mind my own business. If someone asks about my Seal of Belial tee or my inverted pentagram pendent, I’ll tell them, but I don’t go out of my way. It’s like being a swinger. What I do in my bedroom is my own affair lol


I’m not really hiding, it’s just no one’s business. Also if I speak about those things people will have 2 kinds of reaction:

  1. To the pyre, you Satan’s whore…!!!


  1. Pleaaaaaaseeee I need my ex baaaaackkkk (or something along the lines)

And I’m not in mood for either.
Sometimes I don’t tell not even to other practitioners. I prefer being sneaky plus when they don’t know about you, people tend to speak more. And when they speak…i listen :smirk:


Not really im keeping it secret…probably stay that way too coz i like my own businness the way it is

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To be fair many occultists were once “mundanes” lol though not to say most if not all are still mundanes.


Born and raised this way so all my friends and family get to experience Some of My quirkiness.

Do I feel the need to share everything I do with everyone…nope, my practices are personal to me.
If they ask questions or for guidance then Of course I share…but make them sign a confidentiality agreement first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So never been in the closet to start with, just now more confident to be myself and live the way I want to.


I don’t hide my occult practice all that much more than anything else I do. That being said I generally don’t tell people about anything I do without being asked. Strangely the question “do you practice black magick?” rarely comes up in conversation :thinking:


I think going to church right about now isn’t really advisable even for the very religious. They have actually closed churches in a lot of places to avoid the spread of the virus.

Thanks for the insight…Makes sense.

Why doesn’t the world need to know?

Yeah, I haven’t crossed that road yet. Except everyone in my family now believes I’m into voodoo or Satanic shit, because I intentionally told my mom that I had chicken feet in the freezer, bec I was about to throw a death curse on a person…Shortly after that, she got sick with heart problems, and blamed me, bec I called it before hand…

So now I’m fucking isolated. Like never before.