Have you called an ifrit before?

I was catching up on a backlog of emails, some of which are just time consuming. About 15 minutes in, I’m getting annoyed.

My thoughts were getting darker and darker until I smelled sulfur. Like someone lit a match. I asked if someone was there, and the word “ifrit” popped into my head. But aren’t ifrits made of smokeless fire? I wouldn’t think they’d smell like the stuff of actual fire.

I have no knowledge of djinn, so I quickly googled ifrits. I got unreliable new age re-interpretations. And video game references.

I think it left. Strange, because I didn’t call anyone. I haven’t ruled out other fiery beings - maybe salamanders or demons. Divination results are hazy.

So what can you tell me about ifrits? How have you worked with them?

I know what you mean about trickiness of find “information” (vs ‘data’ -ref the “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” -water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink. …water, info… “10,000 channels of TV on, and nothing to watch.”)… and part of your question if of the djinn-related (of which the name you mention is one part), linked to a region of the world (are you in that sort of enviro condition? vs being in a city and/or wet based climate)

Anyway- though, part of your post is related to a specific name/term… but it seems to Initiate from your experience: which I think indicates something else… (i.e. I don’t think the term you used is what ‘visited’… but was something else)

The old-saying, “Birds of a feather, flock together.” -maybe not the best reference, but annoyed, grumble grumble, not just glandular-anger, simmering, but subconscious-thought flow on the aspects of these things and how they waste-time and ‘ick’… and they are see through those eyes (the world through rose-colored glasses… “emerald city” in Oz, per the green-lenses…) the Ick state, then colors all else you see, in your room, in your thoughts- all the chain-of-associations are seen further as “ick” compounding…
This puts you in a certain-space (you “move there”- not so much else comes to you- just not moving-physically, but your affinity changes your proximity… “we become what we think about…” (not ‘get’ but become… and as we become like that…
the other Icks gather, and we reinforce their Ick and they reinforce our Icks…

anyway- that is one view/interp, adds? (the smell, and if a sticky and/or gritty feeling, follows that… contrast to scent of camphor-incense)…

What Mental-Space are you in, where would you seek to go/live-in?   

(what kinds of things ‘naturally’ happen there & and kinds of things you seek in your exper-life… what kind of “space” would accum them?

 -does what you seek, gather in 'ick'?  not just a one-off question, but the deeper structures that support/inhibit (what has the situation-pattern of 'time-wasters" -not in that specific issue, but the overall structure)
               <<  -in this last pt, the 'Effritti' may have some relevance..? >>

Hello taokua, thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Do you mean to say that I managed to astral project to a realm where ifrits reside, instead of calling one to me?