Have you been contacted by the Lilim?

I will start off by saying that I stumbled upon this forum a couple years ago on a search that was something like “red eyes staring”. I’ll add that my family have always had some mojo floating around them and despite how many times I almost die I don’t.

However, after I gave some information here it was suggested to me that I was being contacted by Lilith. I did some more research and later on I merely spoke her name in questioning and got a huge surge of what can only be described as a dry orgasm.

Since then I have cautiously explored this, mostly outside of this forum but I was grateful for the pointers. The thing I seem to notice is that most people promoting succubi don’t seem to mention how much they like to scare you lol. I realise that the lack of a soul makes it much harder for these creatures to know what is good and bad to humans, but it’s a bit jerky of people to say “get a succubus it’ll be awesome” to someone who has no idea what they’re getting into lol. I didn’t ask for her, actually these days I think she was always there (not saying Lilith is with me but can assume she is of Lilim) which I am grateful for, if nothing else for getting me to explore this realm.

So I’m just wondering if anybody else has been through this sort of uninvited but also kind of welcome experience? And also beware side effects may include horrific visions and uncomfortable feelings until your mind grows stronger lol