Have projects been abandoned?

Recently on E.A.'s facebook page I’ve noticed that he his announcing two new books that will be published, The black Book of Azathoth by S. Ben Qayin and Qliphothic Meditations by Asenath Mason. I thought this was strange because I thought S.Ben Qayin was working on Exodus: the Vampiric Transmissions that was supposed to be published this year.

Currently this title is missing from the coming soon section.

Two other titles, The Blue Grimoire and Berserker: Rune Magick have been sitting unchanged for several months. The release date is set for this year on both books, but I haven’t heard of any announcements or updates on these titles.

Does anyone know if these projects have been abandoned or have they just been delayed?

I’m looking forward to reading all of these books and would like to know if I will get the chance.

Sorry for thread hijacking
I was wondering if there was any word on when preorder would happen for Black Book of Azathoth? I have and work with the Chaosium book and I’m really excited about this new one


Im not answering in E.A.'s place, but my feeling or intuition on the subject is that it is probably delayed as far as the Rune Magick goes. Rune magick is a very powerful subject and not somrthing to look over. I think it was simply delayed using a little Deductive Reasoning.

I’ve contacted S. Ben Qayin and asked him the same question. It turns out that exodus will still be published, but had been pushed back to after the release of the black book of azaroth. He didn’t give a time frame of when we can expect either of the books, but it is good to know they are still coming out. I imagine it is the same situation with the other authors as well.

Will they be announced via email when made available? I don’t use Facebook and I’ve not heard of these titles before…

Kindly, Tj

Yes, I would think so - I’ll also post something to the forum when I have a link for a pre-sale or anything like that. :slight_smile: