Have fun with the 4 princes

Ok something really funny just happen.
Currently i’m working with the 4 princes of hell (Belial,Léviathan,Lucifer and Satan). I created a tarot spread that make like a conversation between the 4 + me. And the last one was… Interesting

Belial proposed to have sex with me because he really likes me
Lucifer basically thinks it’s a perfect idea (like he ship me and belial haha)
Satan was telling me to go for it
Léviathan told me i was too precious i should let go of my innocence

During all the reading i won’t stop blushing and laughing i even heard an other laugh.
Love you so much my 4 best boys


If you say so. Just be extra careful not to let parasites using the human proclivity for sex to get under your defenses.