Have entities given you night vision or appeared when you were in danger?

I don’t want to get into the details about how I was almost ambushed and shot. To make a long story short, a few months ago, someone cheap-shotted me and punched me in the side of the head while I was sitting down in a casino. I ended up winning the fight and he went to the hospital for 2 days with a concussion. His family is law enforcement and he put a hit on me. These guys looked like off-duty cops and law enforcement, bec they were clean cut with nice cars when they tried to shoot me down and run me off the road like 4-5am. They tried to get me while I was vulnerable and living in my car for like 14 days. I escaped by the skin of my teeth…Don’t want to get into the entire story of how corrupt it is…

A couple days before the attempted assassination on me, I sensed that I was being watched and followed everywhere I parked my car—since I was temporary living in my car. The night of, I went and parked at a casino parking lot and put my seat back to rest in my car…I looked in my rear-view mirror, and I noticed the trees across the parking lot looked like a couple of demons that were gradually moving. I knew they were just trees, but was wondering why they were moving and looked like demons. Then in my rear-view mirror I saw two other demons that stood out kinda like dim christmas lights…One of them looked like a giant skull floating in the air with a skinny deformed body…It reminded me of death. Then I noticed the face of another demon on my front windshield just looking at me…It kinda looked like the face of a seal, but with 3 eyes (one eye where the nose should be)…At the time, I knew if was just the reflection of the light on the windshield, but understood this sighting as a warning from an entity.

I was then alarmed and lifted up my car seat, and I could see that I was being surrounded by guys with guns in the parking lot. I knew what was going on, without any hesitation. I drove out of the casino parking lot and was being followed and chased for at least an hour…

I escaped alive by the skin of my teeth…Don’t want to go into the story how…

My question is have any of you ever experienced night-vision or being alarmed by wicked looking demons when in danger? How about seeing them in your rear-view mirror? How about when your looking 40 yards away across a parking lot, and you can see what appears to be a demon moving in the bushes and watching you, but you don’t see a person?

I’m not sure which entities tipped me off that I was in danger, but I was invoking Lilith like every day for a week leading up to the event.


That is an interesting story. This hasn’t happened to me before, but I was wondering if a person was about to be run down by a car and they felt something push them out of the way and then they look and see nothing there?

This was only the 2nd time I saw through the veil and viewed any demons since 2012. I’ve only switched over to the LHP 8 months ago, so I thought that was interesting…

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Another thing I was contemplating on when I saw these demons…I was contemplating on whether I should spirituality devour them and take their life-force since I felt Lilith with me…But then I played it “safe” and just drove away from these people…

It was not obsessors that guided intuitively these thiefs to kill you?

No entities gave me night vision, but acid did one night apparently.

I have felt strong presences around me at certain key points in my life, but I didn’t see them in those moments.

I have seen spirits at other times though when not in apparent danger.

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I’ve heard Lilith verbally whisper my name several times faintly when I’m out or at work. One time I was either astral traveling or lucid dreaming and an entity or demon gave me information. I suspect this was the same demon Lilith has looking out for me. Yes, they have guided me and given me information. Sometimes they give me knowledge upon me waking up the next morning. I’m certain they were warning you. I’d thank Lilith and the demons that helped. An offering should do fine. Glad you’re ok man.