Have Been Getting Flu Like Symptoms after successful Invocations

Hi there Guys i have been invoking Hecate Lucifer and Balial Regularly over the last 6 weeks and have noticed that after a successful invocation a couple of days later i get flu like symptoms eat a healthy diet and workout 3 days a week for 1 hour with weights just interested to know if anyone else gets the same i Invoke one of these every night when possible.


Sounds like slight energy overload, just like food the energetic bodies can only process so much at once. This amount can be increased just like how muscles worked out to increase speed and strength but it takes time.

Rushing only leads to shorts circiuts and overloads within the body. Same as rushing to build muscle can lead to torn ligaments and muscles.


Yes. I’ve been struggling with this all weekend I feel terrible. Lucifer warned me to take it slow but I didn’t listen. If you aren’t doing something with all the energy it just builds inside you and overloads your chakras and you can have all kinds of health problems.

To release the energy offer it to the gods you work with, consecrate your tools, give it to mother earth, give it to a servitor or thoughtform of yours or release it through sex or exercise. A combination of these works to.

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I tend to use the energy in my spell and ritual work when i get crazy energy spikes. Mostly i just end up with crazy cases of insomnia, never had energy surges effect my health other than this.

If your looking for pragmatic solutions, preforming a spell to clear out obstacles to your current goals is a handy way of making use of the extra energy. It has the added effect of getting you used to wielding more power over time.