Have anyone worked with hindu deity - muruga?

I am trying to work with lord muruga, a Hindu deity. If anyone have any previous experiences working with him please give me a few tips .

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Why don’t you simply work with the planetary deity Mangal. Is technically the exact same thing. Just repeat the mangal gayatri mantra… If my information is correct it has the power to fulfill unlimited wishes. If done correctly, it should also turn your skin reddish, make you more aggressive, and oh well you will become a chick magnet

Thanks you, I don’t know these stuff . I am new to the entire magic system

I’m curious how did you come to know about Muruga?

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@Rgraj You can ignore my question, I see you are from TN.

Yes bro , I am from TN

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Oh didn’t know about it, nothing to add, thanks.

A person that used to mentor me on hindu folk deities and has had experience with ‘western’ occultism mentioned St.Michael is actually Murugan in another mask.