Have Any of you came across these?!

hi all, I came across these incantation but they are in french but i am not sure what these language are or what Grimoires are they from.

here’s the link? anybody have use or knows the language they are in and have a pronunciation guides?




i could only recognize one.

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I clicked on the first link. There is contact information on that website. Why would you post the question here instead of asking there?

They should have cited the sources or at least the mindset.
It just says

These are not incantations in French because they are drawn from old grimoires so it will take training before reciting them without mistakes.

Well, I’m not of the school of thought that puts technique over intent, so I disagree that that’s the best place to put a lot of effort. This could be a blind to stop inhibit people from using them.

They’ve been taken out of context of the ritual they were designed for.
The poster didn’t even try them all or post how he got the ones he did try to work. The original intent is lost, which is the most important part. … Of course you can guess, and weave these into your own rituals, but the you might as well use your native tongue.

It’ll be a long job tracking down the grimoires these are from, and I’d suggest using them as an exercise - treat them as something to rebuild for yourself by trying them out and making your own way through them in a creative way.

E.g. “To get peace: PEMT DLUSC JAXNIS!”
Meh, doesn’t have a very peaceful vibe from where I’m standing. But chant with intent for the kind of peace you want to see softly and intensely and see what happens? Add white candles with symbols of peace on them etc etc…

Ok this was just funny… :slight_smile:

Each wizard must know these incantations on his fingertips because he will not always have his grimoire on hand and moreover it avoids flipping through the book for hours!

Lol!.. Harry Dresden is that you!?.
Don’t forget to always keep a stub of chalk in your pocket too! You never know when you’ll need to hastily draw a protection circle on to go. :joy:

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Oh btw, all three of those links are the same copy pasted info. The middle one looks more like the original.

If you want old grimoire techniques, might as well read the actual old grimoires.

Many are out of copyright restrictions and are free online.
Random E.g. I happen to have open in PDF at the moment: John Dee’s 'Grimorium Imperium", which is on scribd.