Have any of you actually seen gods during evocation?

im not talking about visualisation. im talking about literally seeing them before you

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I have. Many here that do rituals have. I have hand very physical manifestations in the past as well.

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Yep. I saw Erishkigal standing by my bedside. I wasn’t even doing an evocation at the time, I was trying to sleep lol


I’ve seen a flash of Hekate as a huge, black leopard in my temple, sitting there looking at me menacingly as if in warning, and before I had started working with her as a devotee; being a good number of years ago when an old enemy and devotee of hers and I had just begun a serious life-and-death type battle which- among other things- had me defecating blood and almost totally unable to perform protection magick, and which left his mom dead on his end. That wasn’t an intended evocation of Hekate, however, but instead it was an evocation of another spirit during which she’d appeared. Much later on, I’d eventually read how this vision of Hekate was backed up by Mark Alan Smith in his own UPG despite how liberal he is with historical information and the likes in relation to his work.

In evocation, after a good bit of immersion, I’d also seen Lucifer in my temple first as an orb that seemed similar to the kind of heat distortions one may have seen rising off the pavement, and then this suddenly turned into a young, teenaged “angelic” boy with dark, shoulder length curly hair, leather chest armor, a leather pleated solder’s skirt kind of deal, and a sword in his right hand, too. This vision also some time later was discovered to match both Koetting’s and Smith’s own visions closely enough for what it’s worth. The boy, Lucifer, just as suddenly became a hooded male figure in a black tau type robe which turned its head to look at me as it’s mouth started moving; moving as if speaking to me before I snapped out of it from being startled. I’d actually heard nothing, though. That aside, I’m not sure if the rest of what I’d seen over the years would be considered related to gods, per se.